3 Occasions to Skip a Menstrual Period

3 Occasions to Skip a Menstrual Period

Thrilled or frightened: two possible emotions that a young girl feels when she’s about to experience the arrival of her first menstrual. Excited for she will finally become a woman, and frightened for she might probably suffer the same sentiments about the pain and hassle that menstruation brings. But this is an inevitable occurrence to a woman’s life- before!

Yes, you heard it right! Women of today are no longer obligated to have a regular monthly period. This matter is according to their choosing though. But it is comforting to know that women are already given alternative options to either take the bludgeoning course of menstruation or escape from it and survive a month without any feeling of distress.

Due to rapid changes in society’s views, monthly cycle is no longer a big deal compared to how people give high regards about it in the past. These days, it is not an issue anymore to have or not to have a monthly period. There are already women who decide to skip their menstruation by merely taking some birth control pills and other medications prescribed to them by their physicians.

But, when do women need to skip menstruation?

Here are 3 Reasonable Occasions to Skip Menstrual Cycle.

Skipping Menstruation for Career Advancement.

Thanks to gender equality and women empowerment that modern women become more competitive and more inclined to further their career and higher their position in society. They become aggressive and sacrificial to secure promotions and to advance social status. To these women, skipping their menstruation is like saving their job.

There are various reasons why women prefer to take birth control pills to suppress menstruation and go along with the demands of their careers. First, they yearn for convenience. When they are with an important client, it is a must to have focus. However, this state of mind cannot be achieved if pain tails them due to menstrual cramps and worse case? They are in the middle of their annoying mood swings! The horror!

Another reason why women skip menstruation is to avoid themselves from the temptation of taking short to long work leaves. Some of them are already complaining that menstruation is damaging their professional ethics because sometimes they are forced to make a few days off if the pain brought by menstruation is unbearable. And imagine this kind of situation every month! No wonder why women worry about this so much!

There are still a lot of reasons why women skip menstruation to advance their career, but how far can these women go to stay on top? That’s a million dollar question!

Give Yourself a Worry-Free Travel and Vacation.

When planning for a vacation, women always take their cycle’s schedule in high consideration, because who wants discomfort when it’s a great time and place to relax and have fun? I bet no one does! This possible situation is the very reason why women favor of giving up their menstruation and relish their time to the comfort of traveling and vacationing.

Also, regardless of wherever your vacation leads you, having your unexpected menstruation could hurt your plans so bad. Going to the beach or hanging out in the pool for instance. No woman would surely dare to take a swim in a pool of blood and display her bikini-body with her sanitary pad on sight. Well, not unless she’s only for a show and wears a daisy menstrual cup that comfortably hides beneath.

Nevertheless, nothing should ever ruin your dream vacation, not even your period!

Suppressing Period for Heavy Sports Events.

These kinds of occasions are usually related to female athletes who undergo heavy and regular training and who join competitions. Going through all these is exhausting enough, with your hefty workout sessions and all. So, being disturbed by the bugging effects of menstruation is undoubtedly torture.

According to some experts, menstruation causes female hormones to fluctuate and affects how the brain and its nerves regulate the body’s muscles and joints. In this say, when female athletes are in their period, it is apparent that they are not at their best. Thus, they are forced to skip their menstruation most especially when they attend a competition of their committed sport’s event.

Hence, a menstrual cycle is never enough to stop our female athletes in bagging their deserved trophy!


Whatever reasons lie behind menstrual suppression among women, it is still a must to understand and respect their preference to deviate from this natural monthly phenomenon. After all, it is them who answer to the consequences of this decision, whether positive or negative. Besides, taking birth control pills to skip period is approved by many doctors.

Thus, skipping menstruation is not a decision between life and death and not a huge deal to burden oneself.