4 Inch Backsplash- Ins and Outs

4 Inch Backsplash- Ins and Outs

4-inch backsplash has been in use for years. The reason they are the top choice for most of the homeowners is their colorful pattern presence in various materials. Furthermore, the full tile backsplash was considered the best by many and still holds a top position.

If you are not familiar with the function of backsplash, then here’s a precise understanding. A 4-inch backsplash is an extension of the countertop that extends perpendicularly to the wall. When people think about remodeling or attractive kitchen design ideas, it holds a special place. Nevertheless, many designers do not support the same idea, instead they criticize it in harsh words. So, keeping this thing in view, we would like to throw the ball to customer’s court.

Here we will be discussing some ins and outs of a backsplash. You can know about them and decide either you need it or not:

Ins of 4-inch Backsplash

1-Budget Friendly

One of the basic plus point is that it’s not costly. Not every homeowner can afford a big budget when it comes to redesigning a kitchen. So, when you are not planning to pay extra burden on your pocket, this is the best option you can select. As it is of 4 inches so the material used to build is less as compared to full or half height backsplash. In addition, the cost required to install or fabricate it is also very less.

2- Versatility in Design

Looking for versatility? Then backsplash is the right option you can have for your kitchen. It comes in a straight line and clear design. One of the greatest benefits is that it can fit well with different types of kitchen themes easily. In addition, if you are looking for expert advice, then you can contact kitchen designers Cape Cod for assistance.

3- Protect Your Walls

Protection does matter. Selection of backsplash for your kitchen offers a protection to the wall. One thing that needs to be kept in mind that the protection offered is not that much effective as compared to the full backsplash protection.

4- A Uniform Look

Every homeowner is looking for a clean and uniform look in their kitchen. They desire to have everything properly organized and managed to enhance the look of the kitchen. The backsplash created by the same material used for countertop gives a uniform look. So, it is much needed in your kitchen.

5-Compact Look for your Kitchen

Looking to get a cozy look for your kitchen? You need to have a backsplash in your kitchen to get the desired results. It makes a big kitchen appear small by covering the walls. The height changes the perception making wall shorter and ceiling lower in height.

Compact Look for your Kitchen
 Outs of 4-inch Backsplash

1-It Appears Outdated

One of the major issues with the 4-inch backsplash is that with the passage of time its style appears to be outdated. If you are going to choose it, then you should keep this point in your mind when availing the kitchen remodeling services for your kitchen.

2- No Uniformity

When it is created by using the matching countertops, talking especially about the laminate, your guest might think that you run out of material during the installation or you might not be able to afford it.

3- Poor Contrast Styles

If the color matching is not good, then the color contrast appears to be very much poor with the surrounding surfaces. Sharp or bright differences will give non-retro themes and old look.

4- Alter the Heights

As discussed earlier, the use of backsplash can make the kitchen look appear smaller in size due to the skewed height perception.

5-No Extended Protection

As stated earlier due to its smaller size, the protection provided is not that great as provided by full backsplash. It cannot protect the wall from splashes if you work in something tall near it. Furthermore, if it has no bead of groups on its top edge, then sauce, oils, and soapy water easily drips down behind the wall.

Hope these pros and cons will assist you in making the right decision according to your preference and need. Furthermore, if you are looking for an estimate regarding the kitchen refacing cost, then you can take estimates from different experienced companies to make final decision.