Academic programs for Veterans – An Overview

Academic programs for Veterans – An Overview

The government has put efforts to encourage veterans to study. Ex-military service men and women have considered these efforts and most of them have started making use of the benefits provided by the government. And unlike other job seekers, Veterans faces challenges transitioning from a military background to civilian. In this case, a proper certified course done by the Veteran can do wonders in increasing the pay and getting a job which you deserve. Your dream job may require education first.

Here are few of the popular degree courses for veterans based on the highest salaries, fastest growing industries and availability of jobs:

Information Technology (IT): all business requires IT, no matter small or big. This can turn out well if you earn a degree in IT with your military training in this field. Getting an IT degree can get your entry in a menu of careers which includes computer support specialists, information security analysts, IT manager, database administrators, and network architects. The Bachelor’s degrees that you can get are:  

  • Information technology
  • Information science
  • Information system
  • Computer science
  1. Business Administration/ finance: A degree in business administration or finance will surely spice up your civilian career.  This degree will lead you to a job in accounting, banking, marketing, retail management, human resource and many more in a business field. A business degree can get you a wide knowledge of companies, how they interact and function. A financial degree can pave the way for a career in financial planning, insurance, investment banking and commercial banking.
  2. Degree in operation and logistics: Professionals of operation and logistics are considered as the ‘heart’ of many companies. They figure out ways to make the company run smoother. In operation management, you are going to learn about quality control and supply chain, project management. In logistics, you can pursue a degree in supply chain or logistics management. Clubbed with military experience, this can be some winning formulas for future success.
  3. Engineering:  from products to roads engineers are behind everything we use. They are almost an entire system. To get a job in this field you need to have an engineering degree in any of these fields: civil engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering and computer engineering. According to your interest, you should research and focus on the appropriate degree.
  4. Healthcare:  a degree in nursing, medical technology, health administration nutrition science, respiratory therapy can add up to the list of healthcare degree.
  5. Bachelor degree in English: an arts degree offers the ability to work within a number of fields including public relations, advertising, marketing, writing, publishing, researchers, and critical thinkers.

In this advanced and modern world, it has become easy to enroll in popular academic programs for the military online. Many of the well-certified websites offer education for the Veterans. Some schools offer an online quiz that can help you get an idea on deciding if online learning is correct for you. Thousands of Vets have a tough time finding a job without a certified education. Regardless of the military service, every other job requires education.

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