Some Common cause of troubles faces by the healthy and lustrous locks

Some Common cause of troubles faces by the healthy and lustrous locks

Hair comes in many different styles, texture, and length, etc. Some may have long, short, frizzy or unmanageable hair. It is the women that boast their healthy hair or hairstyle which at the time fall prey to different hair problems. These problems cause a lot of distress in their lives where they start searching for products, or other remedies to get rid of hair fall.

At times such distress leads to losing confidence as our hair speaks volume about our personality like our skin. One such problem faced by almost every woman is dandruff which leaves a mark on their shoulder speaking everything on its own. The best way to get rid of dandruff is to use ketomac anti dandruff shampoo as it is enriched with all the things which are needed to curb the problem.

Let us discuss the most common problems that hair has to face-

  • Hair loss- It is a very normal process of our hair growth cycle. This at times creates a dilemma in minds of people that they are suffering from some hair disease. Actually, the hair passes through the anagen phase and telogen phase. Every human being loses 100 hair each day. Where the male baldness pattern is different from the females. There might be even some health conditions which cause hair loss like stress, hormonal problems, an infection that lasts for a long duration, fungal infections on the scalp, etc. For the recovery, natural products or cosmetics which are mild and suits the scalp must be used.
  • Split ends- Our hair has the tendency to become dry and brittle as they are exposed to different seasons. This results in the splitting of the outer ends of the hair. Other causes of split ends may be from frequent styling, coloring, over brushing, improper use of heating appliances used for hair, etc. The best way to cure such hair is to use proper conditioners and avoid styling efforts.
  • Dull hair- Overdoing of hair treatments leads to reducing the shine and texture of the hair. This results in dull hair. One of the most common causes of having dull hair is the excessive washing of hair with hard water. It is advisable to put a purified mug of water in the end when the washing process is over. Proper oiling can smoothen the dull hair, giving their shine back.
  • Greasy/ oily hair- Our scalp skin produces natural oil known as sebum. Sometimes when these sebaceous glands work overtime, it results in the excessive oil on the scalp and the hair. This process makes our hair look dull, lifeless and limp which might also result in the production of white flakes. For avoiding such issue it is better to search for the best dandruff control shampoo that has the power to reduce oil also.

There are no hard efforts that are required to be made for hair care. Some common and easy steps can make our hair shine like before. Understanding the problem first is essential to start with the cure.

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