Tips on collecting one piece figure toys

Tips on collecting one piece figure toys

Have you ever thought of those delightful days in childhood where you used to hold your mom’s hand and make your way to the toy store and keep gazing at all of those magnificent toys? As a young kid, you have always wanted to get hold the action figure toy of your favorite superhero. Some of you may have carried this passion right into adulthood. Most probably, you have been buying your superhero’s one piece action figures occasionally. The good news is that in contemporary times the artistic charisma of action figure toys is simply incredible. However, one cannot write of the popular figures of the past. The inspiration for collecting these amazing toys possibly lies in the memories of happy hours that you have to spend playing with them in your childhood.

Athlete themed action figures

An action figure of popular athletes has been hugely sought in the market of toys because of their detailed precision one can easily identify the personality on which it has been modeled. Details of these figures include colorful team jerseys with accurate numbers, playing gears, bats, and more. Before manufacturing these figures toy companies are obliged to sign a licensing agreement. However, in case the company does not bother to make a formal agreement then they can only make generic toys without any real-life resemblance. Athletic figures are popular because they allow little kids to play their fantasy games and even integrate players from different sporting fields into one big game.  

Science fiction figures

Movies and television serials based on science fiction has been one of the inspirations in the production of action figures. In this regard, mention could be made to super hit Star Wars films.  What started as a collection of twelve original figures back in 1977 has now grown to cover all the eminent characters portrayed in the trilogy. Some people are so passionate about these collections that they occupy an entire living space or even a whole apartment. Some of the most popular characters that have been modeled are Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Dr. Who, and even generic pieces like aliens and monsters. It is remarkable that although these toys were meant for young kids yet they are equally popular among adults who keep the figures in the box for protection.


People falling in this category prefer to gather action figures and one piece pop figures for the purpose of protection and stores the pieces in their original boxes. Generally, they end up making their way in display cases. There are some people, for whom these collections are no less meager than a lifetime achievement, but the real satisfaction comes when you get to collect and display the most coveted ones.

The truth is, with the passage of time the value of a well-preserved figure is going to increase substantially. One needs to adopt a strategic buying behavior while collecting popular figure toys.     

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