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10 Pro Tips to Look Out when you Attend A Music Festival

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Be it the first music festival you are going to or the 20th, there is always a chance to improve upon your experience. There is a lot of anticipation to see the artists that it can make anyone’s head spin. You then will have to rally and try to rave your family or friends together and meet them before you enter the music festival grounds.

So below are the 10 essential tips to get the most of your music festival.

Checking the weather

Even if the weather app says that it will not rain, it is better to be safe. You can pack a poncho and place a bandana at the bottom of the cooler so that you can wrap it around your neck when it gets hot.

Buy a hotel immediately after you buy your ticket

You would obviously need a place to stay where sometimes the music festivals come with a hotel + ticket deal where you can choose it to be on a pro end.

You can pack up the car the night before the music festival

If you plan to head out for the music festival Friday morning then you should save yourself from the stress and pack your bags, cooler and the car on a Thursday night. In this manner, on Friday morning, you can do a quick last minute check and then hit the road.

Plan out your outfits at home

You will obviously need an outfit every day and then something to change in so that you can have a comfortable night. Once you have planned out as to what you will wear, once try them out in front of your full-length mirror before you leave for the music festival. You can take a picture of each outfit where you are wearing the right accessory before placing them in a ziplock bag.

Walking in comfortable shoes

You will be on your feet for a longer time for a whole weekend. This is definitely not the time to wear the platform heels which you have been dying to wear. The major key is comfort and weather restraints so Vans or Converse are your pick outs. S

Download that festival app

Music festivals create an app which allows you to make your schedule which includes a map of the grounds, texts if there are any changes like rain delays or lineups. It also includes a do’s and don’ts section which you can give a quick glance.

Buying a portable charger

You can save your phone’s life with this. A portable charger is not that expensive and is perfect for charging your phone when you are inside the festival. You should have a charging cord where you can throw it in your backpack while you dance along.

You shouldn’t bring anything which can be stolen

You should learn from your mistakes where if you are not going to be on the top of your phone every single second, you shouldn’t bring it. It is better to leave something you love at home and find it when you get back home than leaving the festival without it.

A backpack or fanny pack for the weekend

You will have everything you need at your finger-tips because of your back-pack or fanny pack. You can also include things like sunglass or kaleidoscope glasses, hand sanitizer, Chap Stick, etc.

Plan out who you want to see

Unfortunately, you cannot see every single artist. But you can have a list of the must-see so that you can enjoy yourself accordingly.

The above tips will make you totally ready for the upcoming music concerts in India.

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