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4 Fantastic Tips on Maintaining Your Lawn Mowers Better

Do you have a huge outdoor? Well, don’t let it go in vain. You should do something and utilize this space. What is a better way to deal with your outdoor than create a big, lush, green lawn? It is one of the best ways to get closer to nature amidst the concrete jungle that we live in. So, you should work on the lawn. But in order to make sure that your lawn is healthy, you will also need to maintain it well. For that, you have plenty of tools and equipment too such as a lawnmower. A lawn mower can help you get rid of the rough and coarse grass in your lawn and make the bed smoother for walking. This will ensure a consistent and healthy growth of your lawn.

However, if your lawnmower is sitting idle for a couple of months, it might not function effectively at the right time. Therefore, while you may not need a lawnmower such as during the winter months, you should repair and tune it up a little so that it works fine during spring. Lawnmowers respond amazingly well to regular preventive maintenance. So, here we have a few tips on how to tune up or maintain your lawn mowers Frankston. Take a look.

  • Using the Correct Type of Fuel

You should always use fresh fuel for your gas-powered lawn mower. The octane rating should be less than 87 and the content of alcohol should not be higher than 10%. The alcohol in the fuel can oxidize inside the tank and attract the moisture which leads to various kinds of minor engine problems. It can affect the plastic components or hoses. So, you should take care of this issue.

  • Checking the Air Filter

Generally, a slow-starting mower could be choked so you have to check the air filter. Paper or foam filters must be replaced every 25 hours of operation. Don’t use compressed air to blow out the paper air cleaner because you will face the risk of perforating the paper. Even a tiny speck of dust can enter the filter and ruin an engine.

  • Take Note of Your Spark Plugs

Next, you should also keep an eye on the spark plugs. If a lawn mower remains idle or is operating in a rough manner, it suggests the wearing out of the spark plugs. You should install a properly gapped plug after a season is over or after 100 hours of operation, whichever comes first.

  • Cleaning the Deck

Debris buildup on the deck of the lawn mower will also prevent the mower from proper mulching or bagging. If your deck consists of a hose attachment, you should use that and then run the water and turn the lawn mower on which can help in removing the excess clippings. Now if you have a heavy build up, you must scrape the deck. First, disconnect the spark plug and then siphon it out the fuel tank or remove it. Next, tip the mower back and you should give the deck a complete thorough scraping with a wire brush or a putty knife.

So, keep these points in mind. And if it is still showcasing problems, you should not think further but look for a repair service for the lawn mowers, garden blowers, or hedge trimmers Frankston.

Author Bio: Sam Jones, a regular blogger on varied kinds of equipment like lawnmowers, chainsaws, or hedge trimmers Frankston, here writes on a few tips for the maintenance of your lawn mowers Frankston.

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