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5 Reasons Why Fantasy Cricket Games Are Becoming Popular in India like Real Cricket

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Cricket is a crowd pleaser in India. Let alone the cricketing icons and their paraphernalia, the cricket-obsessed Indians embrace everything that has even a distinct relation to this sport. In recent times when fantasy sports made its way into India as fantasy cricket, the country got fixated on this unique web-based sport, and the romance does not seem to wane any sooner. However, if you thought that the close association, which the virtual sport has with real cricket, is the only reason for its popularity, it is time to broaden your horizons. There is a rational foundation to this trend, which we try to unravel here. Join us on an enlightening journey.

Unique Format:

In fantasy cricket, the action unfolds on an online platform where you have to choose a virtual team from both sides that feature in the real encounter played on the real cricket ground by real players. Here you get to make your own cricket team and pit it against fellow players in anticipation of decent cash rewards. The format allows the layman a chance to step into the role of a captain and a selector, which may not be possible for him/her in the real world.

Coin in money:

The bottom line in betting is to coin money, and fantasy cricket India is no exception either. In this tailor-made arrangement, you score points based on the performance of the players in the real encounter. If your scores exceed that of fellow users, you are in for decent cash. While other undertakings need a certain level of qualifications, fantasy cricket is free from any such limitations. If you have the ingenuity, game awareness and some bucks, you are good to go.

Easy playing avenues:

For fantasy cricket, it all began in 2001 when ESPN introduced Super Selector Fantasy League for cricketers and common folks alike. As the game went on to create records in online participations, other media houses were quick to jump on the bandwagon, leaving Indians with numerous platforms to play and win. Thanks to their cross-device compatibility, these websites are easily accessible via Smartphones, PCs, and tabs. With playing avenues unfolding on gadgets, Indians can pursue fantasy cricket at the time and from the place of their choosing.     

Jam-packed cricket calendar:

The cricket circuit is abuzz with events all year round. Every other day, there is a test, one day or T20 match being played at international or league level in some part of the globe. The multiplicity of cricketing contests translates into more playing options for the everyday fantasy cricket player, as they need not wait for a mega event to keep up with their favorite pastime.        

Fantasy cricket is legal:

While sports betting is yet to find a legal status in India, fantasy cricket is legitimate. In fact, fantasy cricket is considered as a skill sport with the element of chance notwithstanding. This implies that Indians can indulge in fantasy cricket without the fear of landing on the wrong side of the law, which obviously has consequences.   

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