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5 Steps to Make a Website Visitors and Search Engine Friendly

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Website architecture has become one of the basic things that we need to focus on along with making it search engine friendly. It is the basic foundation of the entire website. This affects indirectly how the search engines are able to crawl through your content as well as how visitors navigate on your website. Here are some quick tips on how to make your website search engine friendly and visitor friendly.

Use HTTPS Certificate on Your Website

Previously, HTTPS was only meant for eCommerce website design, but now it has become mandatory for all the websites to have an HTTPS certificate. Sites having HTTPS mean that they are safe and secure to browse.

Optimize the Speed of Your Website

Make sure to optimize the speed of your website as it eventually affects the rankings in search engine. If a visitor lands on your website and finds out that it is taking a long time to browse through your site compared to competitors, then there are higher chances of him moving out of your website very quickly. This ultimately increases the bounce rate and this, in turn, reduces the rankings in the search engine.

Generally, a good website has to load within 2-3 seconds of hitting on the website URL failing which you will lose a good share of potential customers. If you would like to know the loading time of your website, then check it on Google Page Speed Insights. This tool gives you suggestions to improve the loading speed of your website, thereby helping you occupy higher rankings in the search engines.

Appealing Visuals

Make sure to use appealing visuals on your website so that you can be clear on what you want to show to your target audience. Unreadable fonts and poor color combinations have a high impact on users. So, make sure to use eye soothing visuals for your website so that users stay on your site for a long time. You can use as many interests and aspects on your website, but make sure not to overlook the usefulness factor. The overall look of your website must match people’s aesthetics and emotions. Try checking different hues, variations and color palettes and choose the one the fits your website.

Fix Broken Links

Make sure to fix the broken links on your website so that your visitors do not get annoyed. Search engines do not like to rank a website, which has many broken links. This is because the search engine sees websites with broken links as low trustworthy ones. So, make sure to update your site URLs and fix the broken links regularly. This helps to boost your website rankings.

Use Responsive Web Design

Nowadays, the number of mobile users has surpassed the number of web users. It is very much important to make your website responsive so that it becomes easier for the visitors to navigate through your website even on mobile phones. Search engines like Google have made it mandatory to use a responsive website design failing which your website will not be ranked on the top position of Google. Also, not all the responsive themes are mobile-friendly. So, make sure to check the theme before applying it on your website. In case you do not know how to do that, you can avail the services of an SEO company in Hyderabad, Mumbai or any other place to get a mobile and SEO friendly theme for the websites.

A well-designed website has a strong impact on the visitors’ mind and it helps to build a strong value for your brand. Also, use fewer plugins for your website so that it does increase the website loading speed, which indirectly affects your site’s rankings. Try following the tips mentioned above and see the impressive results in your search engine rankings and visitors behavior in the long run.

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