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6 Old Hat Strategies You are Still Implementing in SEO

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the demand of today digital world. You can’t get increased traffic and uplift your business without it. Today, all business owners are struggling to get higher sales and increased ROI. Everyone is trying his best to shape things well. Then, where is the problem? Why are you not able to achieve your goal? A very simple answer to these questions that you are still following some old hat strategies in your SEO.

Relax, we got the solution to this problem. When we try to fix the problem we need to identify the problem first. So, today we will be discussing six old hat strategies that you might be implementing in your SEO. Furthermore, if you are eager to get the desired result in search engine optimization, then you need to do the following things:

1-Say No to Comment Spamming

First, on the list, we have comment spamming. Most of the SEO experts are still using blog and forum for commenting. There is no use of it. This strategy is not beneficial any more because Google is smarter now he analyzes everything through its algorithm systematics.

If you are practicing this, then you are putting your brand reputation in danger. If you are commenting this “Buy an awesome product from here” then you need to stop yourself.

Many people use to do that when Google was not using “nofollow” attribute but now the rules are changed. Please keep one thing clear in your mind that we are not against commenting on blog or forum. Our point is that you need to comment in such a way that is useful, productive instead of writing short and useless comments. Commenting is the part of search engine marketing so you need to execute it in an effective way.

2- Don’t Use Different Domains for Search Engine Ranking

Previously people use to dominate the first spots in Google search by adding multiple domains in a website. In addition, they may register a different domain to get the top 10 spots. This practice was done for both branded and unbranded query.

In this practice, web hosting companies were the main culprits. This activity was done more by small business services when they were having many competitors. Thanks to Google! You can’t do this right now. Google now provide priority to many subpages in one SERP within a singular domain. For instance, you might see that website like Entreprenuer or LinkedIn Pulse will appear in multiple times for some search title. You might have experience that Quora will appear many times when you do question style searching. So, it is recommended that instead of wasting your money on purchasing different domains you can try subfolder hosted content and barnacle SEO optimization strategies.

3- Avoid Creating Content with No Context

The content that is written for bot and not for a human it is referred as non-contextual content. Such content is useless and has grammatical errors. To grab a position in SERP you need to create unique and engaging content. Your content should be targeting the problems faced by them. You should be providing them solutions of their problem in your content. To tackle all your problems related to content, you need to implement an effective content marketing strategy.

People used to add contextual content but after the incorporation of Hummingbird in 2013, this practice was minimized. And now we have RankBrain. It is created specially to rank the content on the basis of user intent. Moreover, RankBrian also evaluates the time the user spends on a page (dwell time) along with bounces rates, click-through rate, etc.

To create engaging content, you can do one thing. Try to answer as many questions as asked by the users. You can simply write articles on that to give them the solution. To help yourself in generating question you can use the platform of Answer the Public. Get the questions from there and integrate them into your content with authentic answers.

When writing content you need to add keywords. So, try to focus on long tail keywords. The reason behind this is that they are very specific and if we look at the statistics than 50% of the search consist of four words or more. Relevant keyword selection is important and it might be difficult for many people. Well, if you think this task difficult you can take help from Boston SEO experts. They will provide you the right keywords according to your niche.


4- Forget the Use of Meta Keywords

Search engines like Google and Bing use meta keyword to know about the website. Previously, search engine relied on meta tags for ranking a website but this practice was rolled out because now search engines are smarter than before.  

If anyone is still doing this he needs to quit it. To get better results you need to generate compelling meta description and meta tags that can help you to attract your desired audience. When your results will be clicked many times, Google will consider it valuable and you will be lifted to higher website ranking in the search engine.

5- Stop Submitting Your Website for Indexing Purpose

You are moving on the wrong track if you still consider that you need to submit your website to get indexed. Advancement in technology has changed everything. Hence due to the vast improvements in Google, you no longer need to be found instead you get found by the search engine. For this, you only need to add a sitemap to make your site easily crawlable, arrange your content, optimize your pages properly, etc. Doing so, you will be indexed. What? Do you need help in this regard? You can hire SEO consultant by contacting company near you.

6- Keyword Stuffing-No Use

Stuffing keyword is not preferable. When you are writing the content it should be engaging and relevant instead of just filled up with keywords. If you are doing this in your SEO marketing, then your content will not be ranked in search engine.

You need to add your relevant keyword in the content that you create for your human reader. Your content should be written with the intention to solve the problem of your targeted audience. Now the semantic search is driving things. So, when you will be writing problem-solving content you will automatically use semantic keywords.  Furthermore, you can use tools like Keyword Suggestion Tools and LSIGraph for keyword search and optimization.

Adopt Modern SEO Strategies

There is only one way to avoid these practices, just adopt the latest one. Following new tactics will enable you to do well for your business. If you are looking for help in this regard, then you can get contact local SEO agency. The experts will help you and will come up with effective solutions for your problems.

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