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Are promotional products good for corporate gifting?

Corporate gifting is a very important aspect of the B2B relationship is business to business relationships because they go a long way in developing relationships. By default, promotional products contain the name and the logo of the company which has gifted the product. This creates a sort of goodwill as it acts as a constant reminder of the company. This allows your company to be in the subconscious mind of every person using or viewing the promotional product that your company has given out! So, are promotional products a good idea for corporate gifting? Most definitely, yes. Here are the top 5 reasons that you should be considered handing out promotional products to all your business partners and clients in the coming months!

Promotional products increase your brand awareness

By giving out products which have your company’s logo and name on them, you’re creating brand awareness. Let’s assume you typed in ‘promotional pens Sydney’ on Google, designed a pen with your logo and handed it out to your clients and business partners. Over the next few months, these clients and partners have used this same pen to conduct meetings, interviews and some have maybe even passed this pen on for someone to sign a document. And just like that, more and more people became aware of your company.

Promotional products have a low rate of customer acquisition

Normally, a company would spend hundreds of dollars on advertising and customer acquisition. And probably a few hundred more on corporate gifting. By spending money on promotional products, your company is actually going to save a lot of money on marketing! Promotional products are always bought in bulk, hence giving them a very low price point. When these low priced products are given out as freebies or given to prospective clients, they get instilled in the mind of the user. Also, since products like promotional pens and pencils are used very often, the impression is very high while the rate of impression is extremely low.

Promotional products have a lasting impact

Promotional pens in Sydney are probably given out by almost every business, and there is a big reason behind that. By giving out gifts with the company’s logo and name to clients, partners or even if you’re giving these out as freebies, you are creating a sense of awareness and interest in the business. This also reminds the receiver that they are important to you and your company. And who doesn’t love getting gifts? So in a way, these corporate gifts even assure that your company will get repeated business!

Essentially, promotional products are a very cost-effective gift which increases brand awareness, brand loyalty, and even business relationships. In a way, promotional products can even improve employee productivity as it can make the employees feel that they are valued – all part of one big united business family. So the next time you’re thinking of what to buy as corporate gifts for the upcoming holidays, think about investing in promotional products. Because an investment in promotional products is actually just an investment in your own company!

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