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Cricket fans are habitual bettors. Most online sportsbooks get their traffic from cricket fans. This is not new as cricket betting has been a popular habit to pair with the sport.

Despite that, cricket betting has been critical with a lot of money at stake, especially in bigger tournaments. Fans are making more and more bets that seem off the hook. Some fans even bet on losing teams, hoping that these teams might pull off a miracle.

Cricket Fans

A lot of smart cricket fans do their research before betting on their favourite teams and players. That simply shows how the sport is accessible to most fans. Thanks to cricket news sites such as Betwala, fans are able to determine certain factors that affect their bets.

Most fans consider the prominent teams when it comes to betting. Teams like Pakistan, Australia, and India usually have high odds when it comes to betting sites. They get high numbers simply because they perform well night in and night out.

Winning teams are favoured by fans. Fans check out the last matches played by the team to see how they are doing right now before concluding that it is safe for them to bet. If a team is struggling recently, it may not be the best time yet to place a big bet.

Fans also look for the current team lineups. Some fans believe that team chemistry is a lot important than individual performances. If a team is missing key players, then there is a chance that the team chemistry might be affected, thus the team cannot perform well.


Fans look into the type of tournament as well. Bigger tournaments have bigger stakes. A lot of bets are being wagered on anticipated matches, which makes it more exciting for cricket fans.

It is adviced that cricket fans should not bet on losing teams unless they are loyal supporters of that team. Fans are always sceptical when it comes to betting, which means that new bettors should be aware of the situation that the team is in.

Most fans should follow cricket news sites like Betwala. These news sites provide updated news updates and live scores which are vital for betting, especially for in-play betting.

Player betting is also applied in cricket. Just like in betting for teams, a lot has to be taken into consideration when betting for players. Fans are more careful in betting for players than teams.

Fans always take player performance into account when betting. Consistent players are always favoured in this setting. There are a lot of propositions in betting for players, so fans choose their bets according to what their player excels in.

Sometimes, players have on and off games. There will be times where a cricketer can pull off a miracle and hit centuries to lift his team in a match. There are also times when cricketers are underperforming, making few runs, missing their supposed catch, and more.

Lastly, players get injured. Betting odds are more easy to spot that way. Injured players usually take months to heal, as it is their careers at stake. Even solid cricket fans know that injured players cannot make a difference when they are off the field, so they look for other players to bet.

Cricket betting is such a complicated matter, and there are a lot of things to consider when placing bets on a player or a team. Cricket fans always think twice before making decisions as the sport itself is an up-and-down one.


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