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BRIK Charger – The Best Friend of your JUUL

These days ardent tobacco smokers have a desperation while looking for other options while preferring a switch to a safer system of nicotine delivery. You need to thank the JUUL vaporizer, which has orchestrated the change in smoking preference of people. Tobacco alternatives have made its presence felt in the market for long, but they have not been successful like JUUL that has been dominating more than 75 percent in net market share.

Do not keep expectation of a miracle once you forget charging the much-coveted JUUL overnight. It may drop dead even before the conclusion of the succeeding day. At worse, if need to attend a function or social gathering brace yourself for anxious moments while you are searching for outlets that will help you in recharging through a regular USB charger.  Have you already experienced such a situation before? If your answer is yes then, you will realize the implication of this statement.

BRIK Charger

Yes, it is frustrating if you find that the JUUL has gone down leaving you helpless in the face of a strong urge to consume nicotine.  Unless you have the habit of meticulously and regularly recharging your sweet JUUL, which unfortunately majority of JUUL users are not, then you must not be surprised to find yourself amidst a predicament when it is least expected such as sitting back on the sofa or resting in bed.

You may be tempted to feel that pocket-sized portable charger is good at offering you a permanent solution of the problem. It is always good to check the authenticity of your beliefs by putting them into test. If you like surfing the internet make sure to search for collections of portable chargers, you may be feeling thwarted because the existing alternatives pertaining to charging cases have limitations in number. Further, it is normal if you find that they are heavy to hold, poor manufacturing quality, odd shaping, and deftly priced for a poor design.


BRIK charger is an exception. It is no doubt an essential JUUL accomplice existing in the market. JUUL users are in love with this charger. With support of three full-fledged charges, the device features a magnetic compartment, which ensures that your JUUL keeps clinging on it.  It has a lustrous aluminum finishing that provides a delightful aesthetic look. The time of charging is not lengthy. The cables of micro USB will be getting the BRIK charger quickly ready in just an hour. All of the devices have been provided with a distinct serial number. You have the luxury of using it and have it indexed for a partial time warranty.

The good news is, the price of JUUL power bank has come down to $30. You have the option of placing an online order and get a free shipment.  We plan to expand the scale of the operation. Currently, we have stores and smoke shops in Connecticut, Chicago, Miami, and New York. In the commitment of offering you impeccable customer service, we have been putting in place a capable customer care executives who will be responding to all of your queries.

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