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Significance of CSGO Prime Matchmaking in CSGO

January 16, 2019

Counter Strike Global Offensive generally known as CSGO is a very popular game, taking into account, its capacity to keep up an enduring stream of players throughout the years. Since the day it was first time released in 2012, it has held a solid player base, including ardent gamers, easygoing streamers, school players and expert […]

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5 Factors You Must Remember While You Play Online Fantasy Cricket Games

December 1, 2018

Fantasy cricket game has “entertained” its way into the lives of millions across India. Over 20 million users across age groups, occupations and ethnicities are engaged in creating their own virtual teams and pitting them against fellow leaguers on over 60 fantasy cricket websites. The user’s prime objective is to seek entertainment but the money […]

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5 Reasons Why Fantasy Cricket Games Are Becoming Popular in India like Real Cricket

July 25, 2018

Cricket is a crowd pleaser in India. Let alone the cricketing icons and their paraphernalia, the cricket-obsessed Indians embrace everything that has even a distinct relation to this sport. In recent times when fantasy sports made its way into India as fantasy cricket, the country got fixated on this unique web-based sport, and the romance […]

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Make your Body Fit For Running a Marathon

July 5, 2018

Running a marathon means one has to go for a proper plan in that. Also, one can only participate in a marathon if they are physically fit and practice running on a regular basis. One should be able to run at least 30 minutes at a stretch in order to participate in a marathon. The […]

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Pro Tips to Buy the Best Mountain Bike of 2018

May 17, 2018

Do you love riding bikes in mountains? The idea seems too thrilling yet mountain bikes are pretty tough to shop for. Over the last decade, there has been so many models and versions of mountain bikes introduced in the market. This has made it difficult to choose one for your purpose. Also, all the bikes […]

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