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Ceiling fans over Air conditioners

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Above our heads, the humble ceiling fans spin, rotate their blades at varying speeds to suit our cooling pleasure. But when you think of the scorching heat on your head the first thing which comes to your head is, switch on the air conditioner. But do you really feel the excessive use of air conditioners these days is harmful to mankind in total?

Here, are few points of comparison between air conditioners and the ceiling fans:

  • Ceiling fans are the cheaper ones to run:

When we switch on the fan in comparison with the air conditioner it will save power, forcing it to run with greater efficiency as the fan circulates the cool air more quickly. To put it into knowledge, running a ceiling fan regularly has the same impact on your bill when you leave a 100 watt light bulb on for overnight. But if you think of running an air conditioner for an entire night, it will surely burn your pockets to an extent.

  • Ceiling fans are really easy to clean:

Concerned about dust and mold finding a home on your fan blades? To make sure that your fan is dust and mould free, make sure it is switched off, with the help of a stable step ladder start cleaning the blades with a bucket of warm soapy water and a duster. Whereas cleaning and maintaining of an air conditioning unit, on the other hand, require a plan drawn up by your installer or air conditioner expert.

  • Ceiling fans are quite attractive:

The traditional, old-fashioned, big white ceiling fans are the things of ugly past. Luckily and surprisingly, the evolution of fan has taken a great leap. The ceiling fans available in the market nowadays have displayed significant strides in improving the aesthetic appearance of fans. The revolutionizing of motors, controls and weight bearing actually influence how the device works in comparison with the air conditioners.

  • Ceiling fans are great for kids room

Picking up a cold and runny nose around weakens the immune system of your kids. Unless you’re quite sure to stringently manage their upkeep the air conditioners, can distribute and recycle these germs into your room. Whereas a fan, on the other hand, will rotate the air until it flew away out of the window, thus giving a simpler solution for the children who suffer from allergies of various kinds.

Here is the ceiling fan companies list in India:

  • Ortemfans are famous for their portable fans, ceiling fans, and exhaust fans. They have managed to create a benchmark in the market with their quality and manufacturing qualities.
  • Usha is famous for over a decade now and has managed to come up with the top class fans options in the market.
  • Khaitan is one of the top brands that has come up with a number of options in the market for fans. Their extensive services distinguish them with others.

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