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Get to know About Different E-learning Strategies

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It has become more than a necessity for each and every organization, irrespective of the domain it belongs to implement the latest technology. This is important for survival, outdo competition and to achieve success. Organizations that have already implemented learning in their business have been able to witness increasing productivity among their employees and induct new trainees into the job without much worry.

About e-learning

It is in short for ‘electronic learning’ and is regarded to be a learning system to make good use of the web for educating employees, trainees, students, etc. But there is to be present a strategy as the framework and in poorer place to be defined as an e-learning program. The learner is required to have a well-structured program. Only then will he/she be able to understand the desired objectives and goals and also be in a better position to offer the desired results. In the learning program, the final step is to explain logically as to how to meet the set goals and objectives.

Things to consider

Before initiating any program, it is important to first to get to know about the mental makeup of the audiences, like their attitude to the computer and net-based education, comfort when using advanced technology, training readiness, and motivation factors to be eager to get trained. With these factors in proper place, it can be easily determined as to which strategy is to be implemented for conducting the learning program. It is equally important to use the best learning authoring tools.

What does it consist of?

The learning strategy comprises key elements like content, technology, communication, support & financial analysis. In the learning program, the technology used for the delivery purpose is asynchronous or synchronous. There is present real-time interaction in the latter between the learner and trainer. Web URL is used by learners for tuning-in. this form of learning also includes webcasts, chats and web seminars. In the asynchronous technology form, place, content to be viewed and time is controlled by the learners. It includes help systems, knowledge portals, and web-based training. At times, it is possible to combine both asynchronous and synchronous technology for deriving comprehensive program.


It is considered to be the very backbone of any learning development program and hence, a subject matter expert or SME support is to be used. Instructional designers can offer interactive simulation. Content quantity is to be superior and also meet the program objectives while offering desirable output.

Support system

There needs to be a proper support system for every program like a password and User ID to initiate the program, along with troubleshooting options for learners. It also needs to include online assistance for the learners to get their queries answered by the experts. It is essential to determine as to how the program is to be assigned, managed and tracked successfully.


The successful learning program is one that is able to communicate well and convey the desired message to the learners. The right online e-learning tools used can help the learning program to be a major success.

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