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Golf Course Trees – Purchasing, Planting And Mistakes To Avoid

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Wrong species selection, wrong placement and some mistakes committed while planting trees in the golf course can adversely affect the playability. Even when you are a well-equipped golf course with the best John Deere golf course mowers, blowers, Auto, aerators & detachers, and all other turf equipment, you cannot maintain the playability without removing trees wrong trees.

Transplanting Tree From One Area To Another

When it comes to planting trees, you need not to always purchase new trees. Sometimes, you can transplant trees from one location to some other location to address the planting needs. However, you need to find an arborist who will approve trees suitable for transplanting. The tree must be healthy. Severely damaged, poorly branched or tree showing any other negative characteristics can be risky.        

Smaller and moderate-sized trees can be easily transplanted. However, the root depth of larger-sized trees will make it extremely difficult to transplant these trees.

Purchasing and Planting Golf Course Trees

You can buy new tree plantings from a nursery. Find a reputable nursery. They have a wide selection of species to offer. If you have clear requirements, they can also help you in selecting the right native tree species. Check the stock of the nursery. Learn about the growing conditions of trees. Try to develop a healthy and long working relationship with the expert in the nursery.

Larger-sized tree species will be balled and burlap. Smaller-sized trees, moderate-sized trees, and faster-growing trees are also container grown. Trees with diameters between 2.5 to 3 inches at the breast height are suitable for new tree plantings in the golf course. These trees can put up with golf course activities. The right tree species are pretty quick at acclimating. These trees will grow rapidly.             

In case you want immediate effects in the golf course then go for trees with larger diameters. You will have to pay a little more for larger and older nursery stocks. Initial growth will be slow and these trees will take time to acclimate to the site.

Be proactive and plan ahead. Place special orders in winter. Trees in a larger wholesale nursery are dug during spring. This is the time when nurseries have wider selections of trees to offer. Late-season sales can save some money for you. Some good quality trees are still available. However, don’t buy the wrong trees in order to save a few dollars. Although you can plant new trees throughout the year, late summer/fall and early spring are perfect seasons for planting deciduous trees. Wait for early fall or late spring for planting conifer species.    

Mistakes to avoid

It is not easy to envision the mature size of the trees. However, you can consider the potential mature canopy size while determining the spacing between trees. Choose location wisely as the canopy size of mature trees should not interfere with the line of flight or site line from a tree box. Leave adequate space between larger deciduous trees. Same goes for smaller and medium-sized trees. Go for a higher planting density when it comes to screen planting for producing an immediate effect. The minimum distance between green and larger-sized trees should be 75 feet. Larger sized trees should not block the morning sun to greens.   

Planting is done for recreating a natural landscape. Irregularities between spacing and leaving gaps between groups of trees or trees will help in creating that landscape. Apart from creating a natural appearance, this will allow adequate air circulation and sun penetration. Diversify but avoid too many different species. Every golf course is unique. It is not necessary to plant trees in every open rough area. Take landscape features into account while choosing a site for planting.

Just as you need John Deere golf course mowers and other machinery for turf maintenance, you need some tools and equipment for tree maintenance if your golf course is a world-class golf course. Otherwise, you can hire professional arborist having these tools and equipment for seasonal tree maintenance.

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