How can crosswords help people with Alzheimer?

How can crosswords help people with Alzheimer?

Do you know approx 62% of the total global population suffer from Alzheimer? Well, that’s some deadly statistics. Something that needs to be looked after as soon as possible. But, how to do that? Is there any way out? Yes, there is an intelligent way. According to various researches, when you play word games, your risk of having Alzheimer reduces significantly. In fact, the best crossword puzzles help with keeping the mind active and young for a pretty long time by stimulating neuron to develop in the critical areas of the brain. Isn’t that amazing? Well, before you read any further, here’s a look at some of the other studies that prove how crossword puzzles are a boon for Alzheimer patients.

  • According to a recent research, a 15-minute puzzling session can work wonders for brain development and improve memory power.
  • Another US study showed that people who are actively involved in brain-stimulating activities have lower chances of accumulating toxic protein Beta-amyloid which is majorly responsible for the occurrence of fatal diseases like Alzheimer.
  • A research performed on 329 people with an approx. age of 60 years by Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute and the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center in the US showed that a regular participation in brainstorming activities significantly put Alzheimer at bay.

Hence, it is quite evident that these fun, entertaining and amazing puzzles can serve as a life-saving tool. What else can a patient on the verge of losing his/her memory ask for?

Moreover, apart from these studies, there are certain key benefits you get while you play word games like crosswords. And, they aren’t just beneficial for Alzheimer patients but, for every other person in general. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry, isn’t it? Why wait for a disease to knock you down? Why not give it a tough fight before it reaches you? Well, take a look at these benefits and you will surely get motivated to play word games instantly. Here you go.

  1. Facilitates bonding: There’s a collaborative term cruciverbalism, which means working together as a group. The same can be done as you play word games too. When solved in a group, crossword puzzles work as a great bonding tool amidst people as they grasp the clues and decipher it together. Moreover, it’s a great way of rejuvenation for elderly people too as they ditch their loneliness, one puzzle at a time.
  2. It gives a chance to learn: Yes, crossword puzzles are an impeccable way of boosting your vocabulary, trivia knowledge and word power, all at the same time. Remember, how it is said that there’s no age for learning? To put it in other words, whether you are 20 or 60, you got to keep your learning streak alive. After all, it works seamlessly for keeping the brain active and agile.
  3. Works as a problem-solving tool: Crosswords are fun but, requires a lot of brain racking to crack it all. And, when you do that your brain opens new avenues of critical thinking which do not only help you win at some of the online crossword puzzles but, also facilitates your problem-solving skills in real life.

To conclude, these puzzling sessions can work wonders for not only declining the effects of diseases like Alzheimer but, also can help people live a long and healthy life. Additionally, playing these crossword puzzles like Wealth Words also gives you the chance to win some amazing cash prizes. Grab real money as high as a whopping $2000 as winnings. Isn’t it a cherry on the cake?

Have a happy puzzling day, folks. Sending much luck and love your way.  

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