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How Good Is Red Gum Firewood For Pizza Oven?

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Perhaps you have never done it before and someone has suggested red gum firewood for sale. You must be wondering what could be so special about this firewood. Redgum is hardwood. It is highly dense and depending on the source, they grow in darker, lighter, or reds shades. They are so beautiful and that’s why most carpenters use them for furniture and decors. But today, we want to see how good they are at cooking pizza.

Benefits of red gum firewood

You want to know why everyone is looking for bulk redgum firewood for sale for their pizza ovens. Here, we shall explore the benefits of this type of fuel. Here we go.

  • Clean energy: with red gum, you can always be sure of pure energy without harmful emissions. What a good way to enjoy pizza while burning a renewable energy source?
  • Cleanliness: since the fuel burns longer, it doesn’t produce a lot of smoke or excess ashes. So, you will have less cleaning to do after cooking your pizza.
  • Burning stability: no other firewood burns for a prolonged period of time than the red gum. It burns at higher temperatures thereby allowing for the perfect finish of your pizza


Tips to light red gum firewood

During winter, you can warm your house with a red gum in your fireplace. This fuel burns hot but there are some secrets you need to learn.

  • Use seasoned red gum

For it to burn properly, you need to have it completely dried and seasoned. Note that its resin content is very concentrated and trying to burn it while still wet might not produce a flame.

  • Use firelighters and kindling

To ignite the firewood, add some kindling below or use firelighters. This will help you to light up the fireplace effortlessly.  

  • Begin with a few logs

Don’t squash the fireplace with too many logs. Two or three are sufficient. Put the logs over the firelighters or kindling and allow them to ignite before you expand the fire.

  • Start by lighting the kindling

Don’t start with the logs as you will have a hard time. Once you set fire on the firelighters, the logs will catch fire within no time. Lighting a log on its own is the hardest thing you can try.

  • Don’t add logs before the fire gets hot

Once you are sure that the fire is at its hottest point, you can add more logs to continue heating up the fireplace in a stylish way. Again, don’t wait for it to diminish to add logs. You will be starting the whole process of lighting again.


A pizza oven is a great addition to your home. Whether it is for personal use or family gathering, you are in for a hot slice. The only problem is that you need fuel to heat the oven and there are several options for this. One thing you should know is that fuels are not of the same quality. But if there is one fuel that cannot let you down is the red gum firewood. It can save your dinner and improve your pizza oven!

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