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Start-up businesses are popping up at a large scale in this modern era. Attractiveness, plays a vital role, to gather the attention of the crowd and kindle their curiosity. A proper naming process will go a long way in achieving your vision. Here are some useful tips for people, to give a proper name for their startup businesses.

ORIGINALITY: Choosing an original name for your business, might be considered as one of the most high risk factors. But the risk will definitely pay off, since it makes the business stand out from the regular naming pattern. What more, it also creates an element of uniqueness, to mould your business in an elegant and sophisticated manner. This process can be achieved, by exploring keywords, through books, internet and other social sources. Finalize, a couple of names, to create a unique combination for your company.

FUTURE SAFE: In the process of choosing an original name, try not to cause any confusions, by choosing an irrelevant name for your business. Naming your accounting firm as the ‘Money Makers’, may look attractive, but it loses the value of professionalism. But a simple name, such as ‘JIM and CO’, is not only professional, but also it is short and sweet, which helps the people to remember it easily. This naming process will make it future proof, since it is memory friendly and professional.

USER FRIENDLY: People should not play with complicated vocabularies when it comes to naming their brain child. A five letter to an eight-letter simple name will be perfect for a startup business. Majority of our human population, are not great pronouncers and spellers. Implementing a short and sweet name for your business idea will eradicate the suspicion of error from the crowd.

AVAILABILITY: Finally, after locking in a name, make sure it is not taken by another entrepreneur. The last thing, that a person needs, is a plagiarism lawsuit against his/her business. Even if the lawsuit is not enforced, an identically named startup, will cause great havoc among the crowd. So, a slow and steady analysis, through the internet, will give a perfect idea, on spotting an identical name, if there is any, and it helps the entrepreneur, to modify it according to his/her need.

PASSION: Make sure, that the name you have chosen, impresses you first. Ultimately, it is the investor’s view and satisfaction, that counts. If the name you have chosen, does not satisfy you, then there is an extreme risk, that it will not satisfy the mass audience as well. Remember, to love the name that you have chosen for your investment, to gain assurance for yourself, that it will be attractive for rest of the human population.

Also, here are some techniques provided, to choose an apt name for your business.

  1. An instinctive and an intuitive name, that strikes a chord with your personality, will create a positive vibration for your business.
  2. Select at least twenty to thirty names. Consult online and in person, with some close people and experts. Eliminate half of the names that doesn’t suit you. For the remaining, do a brainstorm, all by yourself, to get a clarity of the name, that really suits your business. Narrow it down to five names.
  3. The final step is to consult, those final five names, with the people you trust, such as family members, genuine friends, and relatives. But don’t overdo the process, by consulting too many people. It will cause a great deal of confusion in the final decision making process.

These are some of the important tips, for choosing a name for your business.


Aaryan Singh

I am a professional blogger and content writer at V3fd. I have more than six years of writing experience on a different topic.