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How to Handle Four Most Common Dental Emergencies

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The only thing you need is fast help when there are some dental emergencies like tooth pain. This is the reason why you should always have the contact details of an emergency dental care in San Antonio. Contact a local dentist and book an appointment whenever a dental emergency arises. In case you cannot see the dentist immediately then use home remedies approved by your dentist. These remedies can minimize oral irritation, discomfort and pain. However, these remedies will provide temporary relief only. You will still have to visit a dentist. So, whenever there is a dental emergency book an appointment, first of all. Here are the four most common dental emergencies and how you can handle these emergencies.

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Tooth pain  
Mouth pain or tooth pain clearly indicates that something is wrong with your dental health. There can be different causes of tooth pain. This pain might be because of something lodged in teeth. Or, conditions like abscess can also cause tooth pain. Here is what you can do.

Take some lukewarm water and rinse your mouth. This will help in eliminating the shock of hot or cold water. This will also remove foreign objects from gum tissues and teeth. In case there is something lodged in your teeth, floss your teeth. A cold press can help in reducing swelling.

A point to remember –

Applying pain medication to gum can damage the gum tissues. So, don’t do that. Visit a 24 hour dentist in San Antonio offering emergency dental care in San Antonio.

Broken tooth
The enamel of teeth provides protection from breakage and chips. Although it is very strong, still breaking teeth is possible. It does not matter whether these are baby teeth or permanent teeth. In the case of this emergency, save the broken tooth or piece of tooth. Rinse your mouth and the broken piece of the tooth with warm water. A cold press will reduce pain and swelling. Visit the dentist and also keep the broken piece of the tooth with you.

Lost Filling
Cavity fillings often become dislodged. Usually, you need not to worry in case you swallow the cavity filling component. In most of the cases, this will not cause any harm. However, see a dentist and fill the cavity without any delay. If you are not getting this done on time, germs, bacteria, food particles, and other materials will get into the cavity. This will further damage the tooth.

If you notice zit-like bump on gums which is accompanied by pain, it is an infection known as abscess. You can treat this dental emergency temporarily. Take some salty water and properly rinse your mouth with it. Rinse your mouth several times a day. This will reduce the puff and also provide relief from pain. However, this is not a permanent treatment for abscess. In case you experience the symptoms of this infection, book an appointment with 24 hour dentist offering emergency dental care in San Antonio. The chances are that the infection will soon spread to the bloodstream if left untreated. This will increase the risk of sepsis, a toxic and fatal medical condition. No matter what the dental emergency is, you must see a dentist.

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