How to Start Acrylic Button Making Business in India

Starting a button-making business requires a modest investment in supplies, equipment, and marketing support, and you can run this business from home or a small rental office.

The button-making process is simple, and you can market your buttons by mailing fliers or brochures to consumers.

Button making business is one you can start with little start-up cost. The readymade garment industry is the primary buyer of acrylic buttons. As a result, the demand for fasteners throughout the year.

In this article, a complete guide is given to start an acrylic button manufacturing business. The button making process is relatively straightforward, and you can do marketing via many sources like newspaper, online advertisement, brochures and many more. It has a vast market which includes colleges, schools, family functions, etc. Small business ideas are the most preferred ones by those who have fewer resources to start any business. Buttons are one of the primary requirements of the garment industry; that is why the button manufacturing business has got a vast market potentiality to succeed even in this competing market.

Registration –

Register your business with the required licenses, apply for a business name and also apply for a tax certificate to start a business. You can register your business as a Partnership, Sole proprietorship, LLP or a Private Limited Company Registration. Only a registered company can attend trade fairs, tenders and availing government subsidies. Indeed, there is no doubt in stating that the button manufacturing enterprise is poised for proper growth.

Business Plan –

Before starting the business, it is essential to have a business plan at your hand to be successful. Design a business plan with a complete economic plan, marketing plan, company structure details, etc. Before starting any business, you need to consider a lot of things. You need to create a list of queries that you have to get solutions related to the market. This will help you to know whether the chosen company is suitable for you or not. The success of the various business depends on a lot of factors, so you need to study every single element.

The few essential things that you may consider to check before starting the button manufacturing business are stated as below: –

  1. Capital - Capital is the primary need to start any venture. You can begin your button manufacturing business with a cheap investment, but yet, there are some mandatory expenses like the price of the machine, raw materials, the cost for marketing and promotion, etc. So, you must consider the required capital before starting the business. You can apply for the loan from the banks to get financial support. Besides these, you also need to know the manufacturing process of the buttons to run your button manufacturing business successfully.
  2. Market demand and Competition - The use of a button in the apparel industry is very abundant. It is said that, as the population increase, the utility of clothes will also increase, and the use of a button in apparel is must be it shirts, shorts, trousers, and besides buttons are used in handbags, and many more. As the community increases, the fashion sense also gets a boost and get change with the period, and the demand for the acrylic button will also rise. It is a significant part of the success of the business.
  3. Machines and Raw Materials - For making a button, we need some specific button producing machines and design cutter. There is a different kind of tools, and you can also place an order for the tint of your plans. There are automated and semi-automatic machines on the market. The foremost raw material people use to make acrylic button is Acrylic Sheets, and apart from this, we need some equipment like…

o    Acrylic Sheet Cutting Machine

o    Shaping or Designing Machine

o    Drilling Machine

o    Hole Maker machine

o    Wooden Polishing

o    Edge Grinding Machine

o    Designing cum-slotting Machine

o    Other Manual Tools

You must find out the possible market for the company you are going to start. Textile industries will be the primary client of your button manufacturing business. If your selected place of beginning the business has got a different potential client base, then you can proceed with the idea.

You also require to find out the competition for the business. In today’s aggressive market, every company has got enormous competition. So, you must to check the type of competitor, their services quality and charges and prepare accordingly to make your business better than others.

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