How to Take the Best Care of Your New Grand Piano

How to Take the Best Care of Your New Grand Piano

You Googled “piano movers near me”, did some research and comparisons to find the best piano and organ movers and got your new piano delivered to you. Now you are a proud owner of a brand new grand piano. What’s next? Apart from playing the instrument, you will have to take the best care of your instrument. Here we are sharing some tips for taking the best care of the instrument and finding the right piano shipping company.

Finding the Right Playing Spot

You are too excited and want to play the instrument the moment it arrives. However, first of all, you will have to find the right spot for your new piano. Once placed in a room, a grand piano is difficult to move to some other location. You will have to hire a piano shipping company in order to move the instrument from one place to another. The size, shape and weight of the piano are important factors one should consider while picking a spot for the piano. Keep in mind that there are turns, steps, corners or elevations in your home. These can create a lot of problems when you are moving piano. Apart from that, your piano will be exposed to many elements in your home. The finish of the piano will start fading if you are placing it in a sunny spot. Keep your piano away from a damp area as it can affect the look, sound and even structure of the instrument. Extreme temperatures are also not good for your piano.

Some Smart Habits

You will need to get into some smart habits so that you can enjoy the instrument to the fullest. Do not use it as a table. Keep drinks and food away. Keep it clean. Drinks and food you are placing on the piano will leave rings and stains on the piano. Use a soft cotton cloth or a feather duster for gentle dusting that should be done on a regular basis to prevent dust build-ups. You will need a soft cloth, mild soap and water to clean your older piano.          

Making the Piano More Functional

Make sure that you feel comfortable and always ready to play while picking a spot. Your piano shipping company will give you the best advice to place the piano. This will not only make your playing session more successful but also make the piano more functional.    

Stay in Touch with a Piano Tuner

Some factors like extreme heat and high level of moisture can make the soundboard of the piano swell or shrink. This will change the tune of your grand piano. So, you will need professional assistance to fix it. You need not to look for a piano tuner. The piano shipping company that has moved your piano can fix this problem.    

Stay in Touch with Your Piano Shipping Company

In the near future, if you plan to move, you will also need to move your grand piano. Finding the best piano shipping company is the best way to move a piano across the country. The same piano movers can help you in tuning your grand piano.