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The Importance of Link Building in Off-Page SEO

This article is the second part. In the first part, you have known about the importance of link building in off-page SEO. We have given you information about social bookmarking websites, directory submissions, and submission of images to specific websites. In this article, we will focus on the next parts. Kindly go through the mentioned topics to know the entire value of link building.

4. Video Content

Do you travel by bus? If yes, then you have seen many commuters watching videos on their mobile. Yes, that is the present generation’s way of catching up with recent news. If you have done a really great video, then it can go viral. And the greatest advantage about video, it can sell itself. Videos can give two advantages – you can share them on other websites to increase the popularity of the domain. Likewise, they can also make a visitor stay for more time on your website. But yes, Google will find it difficult to decipher the video. So, add better algorithmic signals with text and images.

video content and link building

So how do you allow the video to get shares? Provide the resources (social media icons) so that the visitors can share the video in the best possible way. You can also consider making links to other related videos to make the reader get more engagements. The best way to get a high ranking is to make your website have content that gives valuable reliable information on your industry segment. Then the people will make a beeline.

Do you think it is easy to create video content? Yes, It is easy. But you need to create the video that can be understood and shared by YOUR AUDIENCE. Then, only the purpose is served. You need to spend time to create the script. However, retain the humanitarian trait and do not make hate videos or another form banned by most of the sharing website platforms.

Let us imagine, you have designed a video, shared and got favorable views. Now, the next step is to prepare a similar video or a series of video and release it to cash in on the popularity. There are websites which create a video, then break it at the required moment into separate videos or chapters. The video series is considered the best option to initiate a call to action in the mind of the viewer.

Some of the sites to submit videos are –

  • SevelLoad

  • PhotoBucket

  • DailyMotion

5. Infographics

Do you browse the internet every time? Then there are chances you have seen the infographics in many websites. Good authority websites use infographics in their website to enhance the knowledge and staying time of their loyal visitors. A good infographic gets you quality backlinks. Some of the requisites are –

  1. Excellent design.
  2. Perfect statistical Data. If someone asks doubts, you should answer.

When you have completed, promote the first infographic. You cannot achieve much success till you do the best in promotions.

infographics can lead to link building

You have to choose a topic. Finished? Then research on the infographics about the topics on the internet. The first step is to create a file. Collect every data and info you can on the infographic. Try addressing the problems and creating solutions for the common public via the infographic. Ensure you create a perfect content which can be shared by one and all. Also, do not forget to cite the sources when required.

Now Comes The Next Big Step

If you have compiled all the data, then put your brain on the part of a nice design. Kindly note, data, and the design can make a killer combination. The infographic can go viral and get you good backlinks from websites of authority.

Yes, not many of us are good designers. So that is the reason it is always wise to give the design process to professionals with experience.

Publish the Infographic – Make it accessible to more viewers

The design part and publishing option – no, it is not enough. You publish it. But ensure that the persons who like the data are given options to share the infographic.

Do you want to know the details?

Embed code for the infographic such as SiegeMedia Embed Code Generator.

You want the design to be shared on social media – use the Image Sharer App from SumoMe.


If you have a popular website, then it is easy to promote the infographic. Or else you will have to walk the road uphill. Yes, you can share it with your social media accounts.

Measure The Success

Hello, did you forget the reason the infographic was designed? It was done mainly to get more visitors to the website. And yes, the backlinks. To get a high ranking from Google. So, if you want to measure the success of the infographic campaigns, try Monitor Backlinks for daily alerts. Your website will be rewarded with backlinks. If someone shares or publishes your design, thank them. This method will put you in the first touch with the blogger and make way for the future campaigns.  You can also use the Google Analytics option to see the website which has given the best traffic to you.

You have to believe it. Your internet presence is valuable only if more and more visitors pay attention and stop to check it or pay reverence. The rules are damned. So do you have to practice black hat SEO? You bet. Only if you want the thirty seconds of fame and a long-lasting blacklisted name from Google in your kitty.

What about the directories? You can search for them on the internet and, let it be organic. You can also use other methods to determine, who has designed similar infographics. Then you can also get in touch with bloggers and websites who promote infographic just as a passion. The search will take time, but yes, it will ring the right bells in the future.

6. Press Releases

The best option is to give a press release. It is a simple and effective way to inform the interesting details of the information. That way it has gained the reader’s attention etc. But be careful of the content, as you are reading with a high live wire. High profile journos follow the press releases closely, so do not brag unnecessarily and never give false numbers. Some of the press releases websites, you can get are PRWeb, PR Leap as well as PR Newswire. And do not consider going for the press release before going for guidance from friends, peers, and relatives. If they say it is average, just forget it.

press release can give you good ranking

Content is king, but SEO also occupies a prominent role in the success of a website. So, people are always thinking of ways to get new SEO tactics.

7. Benefits Of Forums

There was a time when posting the question on forums and getting answers were considered appropriate postings.

Do not go for forums only to improve the rankings. You are likely to be thrown out and delisted. The best way is to present the question and answer in a manner that is respected by the audiences. Agreed, they reach only a section of the people, but they can build the reputation of the company or your own personality. Forums can be called community online buildings where people of certain passion and knowledge meet to share their knowledge and information to solve challenges and resolve niche problems.

Please note that the questions and answers in forums should be more precise and to the point.

8. Article Submission

One of the easiest and toughest ways to promote your website. The articles provided to another website enhance not only the rankings of your website but also the traffic. The content should be of superior quality and then only can it be accepted by the other Guest Bloggers. If you sell clothes via online, it is worthy if you can get the article having a link to your website in a branded garment store website. Want to start? Then write the article as per the instructions are given by the editor or owner of the website. Rule – start writing articles concerned with your own niche. Be specific about the words and do not beat around the bush.

blog submission

9. Blog Submission

Similar to article submission. A blog owner usually publishes articles of other writers as per his/her whims and fancies. Unlike articles, which have to be specific and up-to-date, a blog content can be more of assumptions, autobiography, and own assumptions. But yes, once you strike a personal rapport, the task can definitely do wonders for your website.

Questions & Answers

10. Commenting on Blogs

Yes, many websites and blogs offer the commenting option for their articles. And there is a reason. The comments and suggestions can add new content to their blog. So when Google crawls its search spiders, the same content will not remain on the website. And this practice of passing comments prevailed as a top SEO tactic for some time. But then Google algorithms brought a change. Now for a comment, it is a no-follow link in many of the websites.

11. Question & Answers

Have you heard about the wonderful platform called “Quora?” It is good, but if you want to start, try for Yahoo answers, Fluther and StackExchange. Here you can answer questions as well insert a link to your company. Yes, the more worthy content, your answer is to the question posted, the more views and upvotes you can get. And in return, the increase in traffic to your website.

12. Document Submission – PDF files

If you are a novice to SEO, then this method will be new. You upload the document to the sharing website, and it will be accessible to all the visitors similar to articles and blogs. In case a visitor to the submitted site takes interest in the document, then he can visit your website. This practice can boost the Page Rankings of a website.

pdf files

13. Business Listing

Your website gives you internet and international presence, but it is also mandatory to register on local websites. If you are in Hyderabad, it is necessary to build a database on local listings such as justdial, quicker and sulekha. Agreed, in many countries, Yellow Pages take the major chunk of business, but it is also costly. And usually, the local listing websites are free.


This sums up the importance of link building in off-page SEO. The list is huge, and link building is only one of the many types of off-Page SEO. Follow the instructions given in this article carefully, and you can get your website to the top of the platter.

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