Longlasting Firewood Types & How to Identify Their Quality

Longlasting Firewood Types & How to Identify Their Quality

While buying firewood for personal or commercial purpose, the main objective of every person is to avail a stock of long-lasting stock. The consistency of firewood burning vary on the basis of several factors, therefore, you cannot buy it from any random seller. It is important to gain some knowledge regarding firewoods before placing your order. Nowadays, many firewood sellers are operating through their official; websites for sale & purchase. Generally, it is a conception that ironbark is the best quality firewoods which is true to an extent. However, you can also find many other options in the category of good quality firewood. If ironbark is overpriced, here is a list of some better options to avail.

  • Birch
  • Oak
  • Redgum
  • Apple
  • Ash
  • Mapple
  • Cherry
  • Black locust
  • American beech
  • Black locust

If you are searching for an online firewood seller, go through their website thoroughly to check what kind of stock they are selling. Check the names of firewood individually online to make sure that they are ideal for burning. Here are some qualities of firewood that you must expect from an authorized seller.

Factors affecting a firewood’s quality
1. Moisture level
Perfect seasoning must be your first priority in firewood because of no matter whether it is hard or soft if filled with water. An ironbark log of moist firewood is totally worthless. Ask the seller to deliver it with a moisture meter. In good quality firewood, the moisture level remains below 25%. Higher water level results in inconsistency of fire during burning. You have to light it up again & again. It is a suggestion to prefer kiln-seasoned firewood.

2. Hard or soft wood
When it comes to choosing between hard and soft firewood, go with the option of a hard one. The flame produced from hard firewood is highly consistent, Comprises higher calorific value and heavy in weight. The molecules of hardwood are tightly packed with fewer air pockets. If the seller is supplying it with weight measurement, you may find less quantity but the lifespan of burning will be much longer with good heat.

3. Type of tree
Sometimes, softwood is also proven as a good material for producing fire if you know the right species. For instance, American Elm & Tamarack are softwoods but burns efficiently. You need to check the woods available at firewood store. If good quality soft firewood is available at an affordable price, there is no need to go with the option of expensive ironbark logs.

4. Smoke Emission
Smoke is also a big factor that affects the quality if firewood. For instance, Chir Pine burns instantly and produces a high amount of heat, but it emits much higher smoke than other trees species. Thus, if you are buying burning woods for an indoor purpose, check the smoke emission level of every tree. Apart from the species of tree, poor seasoning is also responsible for the high smoke emission.

5. Ethically Sourced
In order to identify whether the woods available at firewood store are ethically sourced or not, check the list they are offering. Now, check the geographic conditions of a location from where they claim to source it. If such kinds of species actually exist and abundantly available for firewood purpose, consider it a good option otherwise not. Never deal with the bulk firewood suppliers who are not trustful from the perspective of ethical sourcing.

These are some smart tips to help you in identifying whether the firewood you are ordering is good for burning or not. Never compromise with quality factor because a huge quantity of inferior firewood gives trouble more than heat.