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Make your Body Fit For Running a Marathon

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Running a marathon means one has to go for a proper plan in that. Also, one can only participate in a marathon if they are physically fit and practice running on a regular basis. One should be able to run at least 30 minutes at a stretch in order to participate in a marathon.

The Kaveri Trails Marathon programs start from this November, and if one want to be a part of it, then they should start their training soon.

You have to give yourself a good amount of time to accomplish these goals. One cannot expect instant results in running a marathon. One should always go for a 16 to 20 weeks of training before they run an actual marathon.

  • One has to plan some ling runs before the actual marathon. They can schedule a long run per week and just make sure that they can actually do it. The long run should be at least of 10 to 11 miles. Also every week try to keep adding some extra miles in that. If you can run about 22 miles by the end of 16th week, then you are almost prepared to run a marathon. Ling runs will actually help to prepare the muscoskeletal system of the body. You can also alternate ling run with short runs or medium runs. This will also improve your cardiovascular functions. But the run should be a bit faster paced when it is a short or a medium run. You can also learn to control your pace by doing this. Go for a 6 miles per hour and add a tenth mile per hour every ten minutes.
  • But remember that, running too much can actually hurt your ability. So one should spend some of the training days by doing low impact workouts. This will also increase your endurance power and build up the upper body strength. Go for the cross train exercises every 2, 3 days. One can also go for yoga, weight lifting and Pilates.
  • Do not take your marathon training casually. Treat those long runs as you go for are real marathons. Adjust your schedule if you miss a day or two of training. Always carry a sipper to stay hydrated and get nutrition packets.
  • When you start running, body aches and soared body parts are very common. So, you need to ice down the knees, shins and sore parts of your legs once a run is over. Ice will reduce the inflammation and will save your legs from severe injury. Take a warm shower for 30 minutes after the ice pack is used.
  • You need to do stretch everyday to stretch your muscles. This will decrease the chance of getting hurt. When you run, your body will build up a lot of lactic acid and that will make your muscles extremely sore. This can lead to injury. But regular stretching can help in decreasing the build up of lactic acid in a human body. one can also use a foam collar to stretch the muscles effectively.

The Kaveri trail marathon registration is happening this November and it starts from Rs 950.

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