Manufacturer and Exporter of Trauma Implants in India

Manufacturer and Exporter of Trauma Implants in India

style=”text-align: justify”>Siora Surgicals Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturer of orthopedic implants and instruments in India. One of our best products is bone screws. It is indicated for the bone to bone fixation, attachment of implants to bone and fixation of soft tissue to the bone. Siora‚Äôs bone screws are available in high-grade titanium and fine stainless-steel. Siora is working in more than 40 countries and now also looking forward to work in working in Sri Lankan market.

We also export and supply our product range. Our wide product range involves small fragment locking implants, interlocking nails, large fragment locking compression plate, trauma bone plates, mini fragment implants, intramedullary interlocking nails, dynamic hip screw, angled blade plates, cannulated screws, proximal femoral nailing antirotation, LCP compact handset, dynamic condylar screw, dynamic hip screw etc.. Our product range is available in both titanium and stainless steel. You can get our orthopedic products in various sizes and lengths.

In the case of hand surgery, we not only suggest systems of plate osteosynthesis for treating common indications such as, fractures in the distal radius, but also offer several orthopedic products which help to gain good results in tough circumstances.

Our aim is to simplify operations of hand surgery with intelligent system solutions in order to make sure optimal surgical outcomes for the advantage of the patient.
On the bases of the principle of multidirectional locking plate osteosynthesis, our aim was to treat all kinds of distal radius fractures with a clearly structured and easy to use the system.

Orthopedic Plates

The need for designing the new generation of osteosynthesis products for surgery of hand was to create a full portfolio of anatomically pre-shaped orthopedic plates. As an example, this was attained by employing universal drill holes for free placement of fixed-angle or standard bone screws. Other features, such as surface treatments improved to the field of indication round off the superior quality portfolio.