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MBBS in China – Southeast University

Southeast University
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Southeast University, the best for MBBS education in china. If you are also looking for a repudiated University to pursue your MBBS in china, Southeast University could be your first choice after knowing the benefits and advantages of the university. Southeast University is directly administered by the Central Government of China. The university specially financed by the Central Government of China to make it the world-class university in China. Southeast University is located in Nanjing.

Southeast University is one of the oldest institutions in china which is founded in 1902 but it has got its name southeast university in May 1988.

Achievements of Southeast University         

The graph in the educational performance of Southeast University has increased since 1902 and the quality of education is increasing day by day. As we saw the performance of the southeast university in 2018 university has achieved the top rank in the world ranking.

Advantages after Getting Admission at Southeast University

The university has achieved top rank in the world ranking in china but still, we are explaining some of the golden advantages to getting admission to Southeast University China.

  • The campus overview is mind-blowing; the whole campus is well designed and well structured with the beautiful greenery.
  • Students can find the chance to get a scholarship through good performance in academics; the southeast university offers the scholarship program to encourage the students so they can study hard.
  • Full English syllabus, southeast university provides the syllabus for international students in full English so they can study MBBS in china in a comfortable language.
  • Fee structure of southeast University is also cheaper than Indian PVT medical universities.
  • Hostel facility for International students and food quality is too good.


How to get Admission in Southeast University

If you are planning to study MBBS in southeast university and want to know how you will get admission in southeast university you should visit the informational site they have more than 10 years of experience in the admission process of study MBBS in abroad, even their counselors will tell you the next procedure to getting admission in southeast university.


Fee structure of Southeast University 

You may check the informational site to get the full detail for tuition fee, hostel, accommodation fee of Southeast University, etc still we are giving a brief overview of fee structure of Southeast University China.

First-year tuition fee: 329749 INR

Accommodation Fee: 60,326 INR

Application Fee: 4021 INR

Books: 10,054 INR


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