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Norton 360 customer service phone number UK

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The term “360 customer service” has been used in the business for several decades. This brings the end-to-end support to the customer in experiencing the brand. This strategic approach enables the business to offer best customer servicing and relationships.

Norton 360 customer service phone number UK:

The unified view of aggregating the customer support team is the Norton 360 customer service phone number UK which is +44 (0)20 7616 5600. Here the customer is enabled to connect with the overall organization rather than connecting only with the executives. To achieve this action the customer service team should have access to all the historical data including Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The following are some of the benefits of having a 360 customer service phone number.

  1. Remitting right service at the apparent time:

If the data is converted into actionable insights, in spite of the queries the customer service team can deliver the solution at the correct time. The 360 service phone number does not tempt the customers to register or repeat the same information twice or even it won’t allow the customer to speak to a different person each time. This ultimately serves the need of the customer i.e. no more delay in processing the request and customer satisfaction.

  1. Concretizing customer experience:

A 360 contact number enables the executive to capture the contact information, purchase history and preferences regardless of where the interaction took place. It is also used to predict customer behavior and preferred communication channel which in turn increases the customer satisfaction scores with a more competitive edge. It is predicted that 32% of the sales and marketing can be improved via phone services.

  1. Aligning and integrating one-to-one relationship:

Maintaining the phone service can help the business to form a closer one-to-one relationship with the customer. This helps in streamlining the interaction with the customer and in predicting the next step of engagement. By aligning and integrating the contact center of the customer service team the channels of communication, as well as the medium of facing the operations, becomes inward with the picture of the customer issues, problems faced during resolving, tactics handled to resolve the previous issues etc.

  1. Improves the opportunities for sales:

Most of the service centers and business organizations tend to lose market share due to improper customer servicing team. Later they tend to focus on the customer through special offers and services. For example, if a customer connects with the customer service team to buy a new service, then the executive can take this opportunity to offer discounts and convincing the customers about the other offers which might benefit them. The customer responds to the special discounts from the contact centers which will develop the branding.

Norton customer support phone service is available 24 hours in a day and 7 days a week.

Henceforth, Norton’s 360 customer service phone number of UK enables high-level definition in improving the business and attains goals. Often the goals are lumped together for unified desktop and composite applications.

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