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The Impact of Domain Age on Overall Organic Search Results In 2019

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If you talk about ranks that are given to websites, it is not a random move in any manner. Websites are not ranked without extensive calculation, analysis, and comprehensive SEO methodologies. It is a fact that a website can only grow if it has a good number of organic searches. In other words, more people should be searching for your website through search engines. Search engines do not rate websites highly which only have crawling bots. Domain age really matters when you have to construct a result oriented SEO campaign.

Why would users pick one website and give it more important than the others? On what basis do they make a decision? When you think of buying something, you look for a brand that is reputed and famous. You would not see people giving priority to a new brand over an experienced well established one. The reason is that an experienced brand would be operating for a much larger time span. This means that it would be more dependable. In terms of usability, quality, product life, customer support, warranty, and all other areas, the customer would not have issues trusting the brand.

On the other hand, opting for a new brand is a tough decision even if it stands out in terms of quality. This is because it would not be that popular and people would find it hard to trust the company. The same concept can be applied in case of Domain Age, the same concept is applied.

Here are some key aspects which explain how domain age has an impact on organic search results.

Conditions applied by search engines

Google is surely the most reliable search engine and it has specific standards for everything including ranking a website.  This is never a random move and websites only get good ranks if they satisfy certain conditions. Google scans through a website completely before it is ranked among the top links. One of the many parameters checked is the domain age of the website. Websites that do not have a domain for more than a year are not counted as reliable. This is mainly because Google aims at checking the caliber of a website for some time before ranking it. Hence, if it has acquired a domain for a short span of time, it would not get ranked highly right away. This is one key perspective which website owners should always have in mind.

Domain Age and dealing with spammers

The world of internet is full of spams and there are no two days about it. You can find several cases where people have lost finances, credentials and personal information by linking with a spam website. For instance, when you visit online, you would see numerous advertisements sounding completely illegitimate. An example can “earn USD 5000 in an hour daily”. We all know that this is not possible by any means. If it was, people would have given up their jobs long time back.

  • Whether you talk about spammers of websites involved in financial frauds, one thing is very common. Websites used for illegitimate activities do not have a lot of age. Most of them are a lot lesser than one year. This is because spam websites do not exist forever. When malicious planners are successful in achieving their unprofessional goals, they would simply deactivate the domain. After that, you would simply see an unresponsive page.
  • Websites that have a domain age of more than a year are counted as reliable. Other than that, the reliability increases with the age. Consider that you are looking for a car mechanic as you need to get a key engine repair job performed. Would you hire a mechanic with one year experience or someone who has just started working? It is obvious that you would hire the experienced person as the one who has just started would ruin the job. Same is the case with domain age. If a website has more domain age, it leads to more organic searches and better SEO ranks.

Better SEO and more organic searches

Apart from using targeted keywords, other factors have an impact on organic searches as well. If more people are searching for something on the internet, the related website would improve in terms of SEO rank. This is also related to domain age.

  • As it is mentioned above, you cannot get the topmost ranks simply by entering keywords in the content. You need to think about other constituents as well. Search engines have their own mechanism to rank a website. This is done on the basis of algorithms3. Domain Age is connected to how search engines would rank a website. If your website has more domain age, it would be ranked highly by search engines.
  • A key reason for this is reliability and trust. A website having more domain age gives a confirmation that it is dependable. Thus, Google would rank it among the top links because of the reliability it has.
  • Organic searches are made by users by typing keywords in search boxes, clicking company links and other similar modes. Websites with more domain age acquire higher links on search engines. Thus, the probability of users visiting them is much higher.

What is the correct domain age for a positive impact?

A lot of people have confusions about what the correct domain age should be. However, there are few estimated benefits on the basis of which the effect of domain age can be determined.

  • Normally, a domain beyond the age of two years is counted as reliable. However, this is not a very attractive age by any means. Ideally, to get noticed by search engines and get a high rating, the domain age should be 5 years.

It is all about reliability

The only key reason why domain age makes a difference is reliability. Domains that are older are counted as more dependable. In terms of search engine methods, websites that have an older domain are ranked as high as the chances of spams are lesser.

  • When you talk about spam websites, they use domains for a small time span. Hence, when search engines communicate with the website servers, they determine the age of the domain. In some cases, the age is not known as well. In such situations, the domain age depends on when the search engine has discovered the website.
  • If you look at how spamming websites operate, they have a new domain name every time. This simply means that they do not use domains with a lot of age. This is the angle which search engines examine when they are rating a website and awarding a rank.
  • Reputed websites, on the other hand, do not switch their domains from time to time. Most of these websites have a domain age of 5 years or more.


Getting rated by Google on a high scale is not an immediate job by any means. It takes time for a website to be established, getting a good rank and acquiring a high rank. One of the key parameters which make a difference is the domain age.

When you are working as a start up, you have a limited budget. You don’t have all the resources and there is no assurance as to when you will receive the return on your investment. This is why you need to make smart choices about allocating your budget. You don’t want to put money into something that does not give you return on investment. On the other hand, digital marketing, internet marketing in particular, is a growing industry. If you are not connecting well with your target customers on the internet, it is difficult to grab their attention somewhere else. It is important that you put some money there… but how much?

To start with, it is best to do trial and error. This means that start with a small amount. 50 dollars, 100 dollars.. That is all you need in the start. Begin by investing this small amount in various campaigns. Once results start pouring in, regardless of if the campaign brings customers, you have something to learn. For the channels that don’t work for you, know that those are not to go for. You will not be wasting huge budgets in the future on them. For the campaigns that do work out, double the budget there.

  • There is no doubt that the internet is full of scams. On daily basis, we see financial frauds and personal details being misused. Websites through which these illegitimate activities are executed usually have a domain with less age.
  • Spammers do not use a domain for a long time and search engines use this as a method of rating. If you search for the top links on any area, you would see that all websites have old domains.
  • In a nutshell, the impact of domain authority is quite strong on the overall rating of a website. If you have a business website and you want it to get a high number of organic leads, get a domain that has a minimum age of one year or more.

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