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The Importance of Link Building in Off-Page SEO

So you have got your own website. Now, you can share your knowledge with the entire world. But is it enough? Or do you want the website to be ranked first in the specific niche? There are many ways to outbeat others, and we will focus only on the white hat SEO techniques. In this article, we will give information on the best way to secure links by organic and fool-proof methods. And we are not going into the details of SEO, On-page SEO and Off-Page SEO.


The name, conveys a different meaning, but in reality, link building is the art of making another website give the links back to your own website. In recent times, every business worth its value in the market have a separate person in the digital marketing team to take care of referral traffic as well increase the authority of the site.

Does that mean you can send the content to every other website? The answer is a big NO. Yes, you can send articles and blogs to websites that have a category relevant to your business. If you can get a website that has higher ranking in your own industry, the better. And please keep a hawks’ eye on the Domain authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) of the website. Kindly opt for websites which are above 40s in both the PAs and DAs. You may have to shell some amount to get the backlinks, but you can get lower DA and PA websites for free. Keep in mind the Golden Rule – Always check the spam score of a website. It should not be greater than 3. Also, check the articles. There should be no images or images related to porn or any illegal activity. Google will definitely mark delist those sites. If you have got backlinks, then your DA and PA may get affected.

But the question is, why should you build links? Because of algorithms specified by Google. It is complex and always on the path of improvement. However, backlinks will and always be an important factor for the search engines when determining the websites for different types of keywords. In fact, this method is one of the many steps used in SEO – the reason – the backlinks give the signal to Google that the concerned website is a worthy resource to be given a high ranking factor. Now you know why the website with more number of backlinks go to earn better rankings.

However, since we want to give you every info, the content will focus on both the right and wrong ways to build links to your website. Even in business, there are two types – short term gain and long term profits. There are some who settle only for the short term. They end up making little money and depart from the ownership of the website. But if you want to garner long-term profits and want to have a lasting money-spinner, then focus on link building via natural ways. In short, never go for black hat SEO. If you are unfortunate, all the work you put in the making of website to get a high rank will go to dust if Google bans your online presence.

Agreed, organic link building takes time and patience. And not every link is equal. A link from a top quality website can get your internet presence a higher rating on the SERP than from two websites with half the rankings. However, the road is up-hill and sometimes, you are alone on a never trodden path.

This article will give the basics of teaching quality links to enhance the organic rankings of your website without violation of the guidelines (Google).

Let us take the example of a case study. You own an e-Commerce business dealing with T-shirts of college students. You are neck-to-neck with another business owner. For ranking both of the websites, Google will look at the popularity of the links. Link building is a basic exercise and omits simple factors such as –

Trust as well authority of linking pages

SEO/content optimization of respective websites (which I feel is really good)

Anchor text for the links given on the respective website.

Now we will discuss about the first aspect of link building – Social BookMarking

social bookmarking

Well, the name specifies the meaning. In fact, social bookmarking sites can be best described as the storage places for storing the online bookmarks. But, that is what we do, right? In chrome, we bookmark the sites so that we do not have to type the specific URL again. Now did the idea touch your subconscious mind?

One of the main benefits of these social bookmarking is the absence of location. You can access them in any corner of the globe. In addition, you also get the categories, tag features, the main reason the bookmarks can be arranged neatly.

It is easy to add links to the social bookmarking sites. In fact thousands have become successful and in the process, they have created hundreds of accounts, not to mention the thousands of links accounted for on the internet every day. In the initial stages, social bookmarking was considered an important part of link building, but yes, the human mind is always greedy. The place became saturated, and Google had to draw the line. Now the sheen is long gone.

How to use the sites for your own purpose – Link Building

So, is the fever still on? Is link building still considered?

Yes, but it is not good as compared to the earlier bookmarking job. In recent times, many sites ban accounts which bookmark just a website or a preferred range of sites. So, beware, if you submit links from your own website, naturally you are going to be shown the door. What then, is the solution? You should have a natural looking profile that contains even links to other websites.

The rule is not to link to the same site time and again. It is better to play a natural game, with the corporate rules. You browse on the internet and get directed to an interesting site, now bookmark it. So, in a long time, you have created your own profile.

How Big Can You Go?

Obviously the more sites you choose to use, the more work it’s going to require. One of the most respected websites, is Delicious or Reddit. You can then diversify your operations from the instant.

To make jobs easier, you can opt for the automated as well the semi-automated services such as, and SocialPoster.

Here is a list of the social bookmarking sites.

  1. Next, we come to Directory Submissions

Similar to the social bookmarking task, there are also stories woven around directories. Some are of the view they do not hold value. And some differ by saying they need to be part of the serious marketing campaign. Well, let us go for the medium approach. If you have set the budget high, then it is better to pick the old and best directory, BOTW, and then go for the free ones. In case you have money, then the directories do not hurt you. However, have a hawk’s eye on the fees, they can be subjected to change, including the guidelines. Also, share the news and info about your website according to the instructions. Some of the famous directories are given below –



DMOZ Open Directory Project (Free)

If you want the website to get in the local listings, then try for –

  1. Bing
  2. Yahoo
  3. Ask
  4. Google

Niche Directories

Does your website relate to a specific niche? Then you get the best results. It takes time, and when you reach the summit with your website getting backlinks only from the specific niche, the next step is the moon.

You may get good service if you opt for paid terms in the directories, but the best results are via the free route. DMOZ is free! Hurray! But do not rejoice as the listing you did can take ages to make its first appearance. Your payment options get rejected because of a failure in submission terms.


You get the most important performance enhancing drug for the website. Motivation in the form of traffic. Many people use the same method. And, you feel great during a conversation that the website is listed in a high ranking directory. For more visibility, it is better to do these tasks. Please note, that directories are not a must, but they also are necessary to get a high ranking. Part of the options, you can say!

  1. Image Submission

An image can convey a thousand words – Proverb. However, the job calls for out-of-the-box talent. And it is a delicate one. If you are a novice, do not promote the website via negative actions such as hurting your competitors. You also need to have the right tools on hand.

Know the website where you have to submit the images. However, there is a cache.

Know Your Link Targets

So first and foremost, you need to know your link targets. You need to make a list of websites or platforms which pertains to your industry. Do you have the best? Are you interested to take a link? You might have top leaders in the industry. And on the website, you can get their numbers, contact details and the way their website works. On the internet, you can get free online tools for the initial stages, for example, Moz’s OSE. The other important tools are SEMrush and SimilarWeb.

Old Images, but Popular

Are you an avid fan of history? Then look for the old images in your industry. Take them and post the best one on the website. Why don’t you try the BuzzSumo’s infographics filter? It is easier to insert the topic. But please ensure that the images coordinate with the industry.  Draw up a plan, and search for the keywords around your industry. Then work with the images based on the information. You will hit the target. If you have a huge image, compress it and load it on the specific website. Try Optimizilla.


So, we come to the first part of the Link building strategy in SEO. Let us imagine, you are enrolled in a handyman company which offers or water purifier service in Hyderabad. You are the successful owner of a garment website, but your passion is repairing water purifiers of any brand. In short, you have another business. And you also have a website for the water purifier business in Hyderabad. And, you feel link building is the best way to get the website more visible to the users. Since you have already implemented the best practices of on-page and off-page SEO, it is only a matter of time, before your website for offering the services of water purifier gets in the first place of the top searches in Google as far as Hyderabad is concerned.

We have covered only three important topics of link building in this article. Stay tuned and subscribe to our News Letter to know more about the other topics in link building such as video content, infographics, press releases, commenting on forms, article/blog submission and document submission.

If you feel that we have missed a valuable point in this section, feel free to intimate us.

Aaryan Singh

I am a professional blogger and content writer at V3fd. I have more than six years of writing experience on a different topic.

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