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Things To Know About A Burglar Alarm Before Choosing To Install One In Your House!

Security is one of the things that should be prioritised over everything. Installing a good security system helps you to protect yourself against thieves and burglars.
In recent years, security systems have become much more sophisticated. With new technology being introduced in the market, it has become easier to get alerted and notified in case an intrusion occurs in your house.
Apart from the usual CCTV cameras and access control systems, a burglar alarm is something that is a pivotal part of any security system for a house.

What is a burglar/intruder alarm?

A burglar alarm is a system that helps to detect any intrusion or unauthorised entry into a property. It further sends out an alarm to the people concerned, in this case, the owner of the house, alerting them of the intrusion.
The system also alerts local authorities like the police, fire station and hospital. Additionally, it starts to blast a loud alarm which helps to alert the neighbours who can take immediate action for the intrusion.
The system comes with sensors that are installed within the premises that can detect motion and send out alerts and alarm to the respective people.

What do the burglar alarms consist of?
The intruder alarm systems consist of two parts. They are:

A control panel: The control panel is the main component of the alarm. It is the “brain” of the system in the analogy. It is the part which receives the detection of any threat on the premises and sends out alerts to the designated people. The control panels also come with a hooter which raises a loud alarm when it detects an intrusion.

These control panels are either wireless or are hybrids, that combined with the sensors form the best security measure for your house.

Motion sensors: The sensors as the name suggests detect motion on your premises. They are installed in strategic positions that help to catch intruders easily. From shock sensors to heat and smoke sensors, glass break sensors to the simple motion sensors, they are enough to keep your house safe.

Types of intruder systems you can avail:

There are typically two types of intruder systems available in the market. They are:

Wireless ones:  The wireless intruder alarm systems work through batteries. They have a control panel and motion sensors that help to detect the intrusion on a property. They vary in functions for different companies. However, most of them are easy to install, with the process taking only a few hours. They are also portable since they are not fixed anywhere. However, the batteries on the wireless ones should be checked and maintained annually. If the batteries are allowed to run low, the alarm might cease functioning effectively.

Wired ones: These come with fixtures that are permanently wired to the place they are mounted. They are comparatively less expensive than wireless ones. Also, they do not need charging as they are not operated by batteries. However, adding a separate device to a wired intruder alarm system can bethe a problem and may need a separate cable to be added to the main hardware.
Both the systems are effective in providing maximum security to a house. Therefore, the intruder alarm systems are a must-have when it comes to ensuring maximum security of a house.

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