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Tibet – The Ultimate Destination to Travel

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Tibet is one of the most magnificent places, but also one of the most difficult places for independent travelers – whether to travel home or to travel in the country. The 1st challenge is just entering Tibet, which is now part of China of course. Solo travelers are forced to join organized tours to Nepal Tibet Bhutan to reach the country. After that, you can tour around on your own – to some extent. But, if you are going anywhere off the beaten track, such as mount Everest Base Camp, you will need to apply for a permit to travel there.

However, to experience once you get there. For those interested in Tibetan Buddhism or the history of Tibet, visiting the famous ancient Tibetan monastery like ganden and Tashilhunpo is a real treat. The arid terrain along the road from the Nepalese border to Lhasa is essentially dusty and dry, but is fragmented with views of falling glaciers, majestic Mount Everest and other snow-capped Himalayan peaks.

In the capital city, Lhasa, the crown jewel of the destinations is a visit to Potala, the winter palace of the Dalai Lamas. The current Dalai Lama had spent much of his early childhood there, and it is easy to imagine walking around the dark halls or sleeping in the small silk covered bed in his own places.

After a week-long stay in Lhasa, visiting the surrounding monasteries and the sacred turquoise Yamdrok Lake, set off to the border with Nepal. I assumed that I would be able to ride buses all the way to the border with Nepal.

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