Tips to Choose Engagement Ring?

Tips to Choose Engagement Ring?

You have decided to make your marriage proposal! But how to choose the perfect engagement ring? Should we opt for a solitaire diamond or for a crown of precious stones? Find out how to make the right ring choice!

Why offer a ring?

This is a tradition that goes back to ancient times. Already at the time the newlyweds exchanged a circular ring that was to symbolize the eternity of their endless love. But it was in the Middle Ages that the engagement ring sets for him and her became popular, when the Archduke Maximilian of Austria offered Marie de Bourgogne a ring set with diamonds as a token of their betrothal. This ring symbolizes the attachment you feel for your half, your commitment. This is why his choice should not be made lightly.

Set Your Budget

All rings obviously have not the same price. Depending on the stone and metal that compose them, the price can vary from single to double. It is therefore important that you set a budget before starting your research. This can already guide your choice.

Find her size

To make sure that the ring will stay on your sweetheart’s finger and it will not slip, it is essential that you buy it at the right size. For that do not hesitate to borrow a ring in his drawer before going to the jeweler! This will limit the margin of error.

Consider his tastes

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We arrive at the most complex stage: choose the ring that will please him! How to make the right choice among all existing models?

First of all think about the personality of your companion. Is she rather outgoing or discreet? Does she wear big or light jewelry? Take a few moments to see how your half accessorizes his outfits, this will guide you to a ring style (extravagant or simple).

Then observe the type of metal that his jewelry is made of. Is your partner more attracted to yellow gold or silver? You will be able to select the frame that will best suit you.

Select a stone

An engagement ring is characterized by the precious stones that decorate it. It is these gems that will offer him his entire splendor. But which one to choose?

Diamond is a safe choice. It pleases the vast majority of young ladies. You will therefore take very little risk by buying a ring set with sparkling diamonds.

Also consider the less expensive gems but just as pretty as rubies or sapphires that add color to the ring. If your lady likes rings with older styles, these stones may please her.

Choose a shape

If the solitary round diamond remains a timeless, it is not always alone on the shelves. There are indeed a multitude of forms available for the central stone.