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Top 5 Common Mistakes Brides do while buying Bridal Jewelry

When it comes to weddings, this is quite a vulnerable time and everyone wants to make this time to last as long as possible and wish to ensure that there are no problems during it. Even brides make certain mistakes while buying jewelry and choosing the right kind to go with their dresses. Especially when it comes to buying wedding jewelry, there is so much confusion and dilemmas that people don’t get time to actually find the right ornaments for the wedding day.

Buying the right wedding jewelry is a herculean task and requires huge work, that is a large time and effort to find the right pieces that will go with your wedding attire. Thus, it becomes crucial to find the right jewelry for your upcoming wedding day.

Even if they get time, they are just not aware of some facts and get stuck. Let us check out some of the common mistakes by the brides before their Wedding day:

  1. Buying Jewelry before Lehenga:

Always go for the wedding outfit first. If you will buy the jewelry first, you will have to go and buy outfits that match with your jewelry which makes it difficult to choose the right designs for your wedding lehenga. So, it is better that you buy your lehenga before buying your wedding jewelry.

  1. Not paying attention to the intricate design of the Lehenga

Your lehenga gives an outline to the real look of your complete appearance. If you don’t pay attention to the embroidery, beadwork, patterns, and shades of the lehenga; you will never truly be able to get the best long gold necklace designed as per your preference.

  1. Idolizing pictures and not accepting reality

Don’t try to imitate celebrities, if they are wearing a particular piece of jewelry, it may or may not suit you. So, wearing such a piece will only make you look bad. You should only buy a big ladies gold ring, if it actually suits your hands, not because a celebrity wore it at their wedding.

  1. Picking the Same type of Jewelry for all functions

Don’t ever pick the same wedding jewelry for all the functions. If you are buying Kundan jewelry, it should be worn on the wedding day, diamond jewelry should be worn on reception party and temple design and heavy gold jewelry perfectly fit the occasion of mehendi and shagun.

  1. Wearing wrong sized Necklaces & Overlapping them

Also, the most important fact is that one should not wear jewelry that is not of their size or same sized jewelry that tends to overlap the other ones below it. Wrong sized necklace only complicates the entire look and makes it difficult to get your dream bridal appearance.

Thus, you must wear the right-sized jewelry and keep an eye on the jewelry only after you have decided your wedding dress to be worn. Also, you must closely select the best designs that will perfectly with it and make it easy to shop for the jewelry.