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Top FPV Headset to Buy in 2019

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Are you trying to take your drone experience to another level than we are unfolding the secret of augmenting your experience like never before? You just need best FPV headsets for an immersive experience to just fly with your camera. Just by getting your hands on any of these great FPV headsets of 2019 that will be the wisest choice for you to invest your money sagaciously.

  1. Fatshark dominator V3 FPV Goggles

It is from the latest edition from the fat shark of denominator series but this headset has made its place in this list because of its amazing performance. These FPV goggles will surely intensify your experience by just placing you in the position of the camera enabling the head movements directing you the angles and positioning of the camera. This is a great product for pilots who want to experience immersions.

This device is a combination of white and blue colour and on the extreme left, there is a compartment in which one can place their head tracker if they want. These FPV drone headsets enable you to control the Quadcopters camera and also the movement of the head. Just on the opposite side, you are accommodated with a second compartment which is meant to carry a variety of receiver modules.

  1. Avegant Glymph video headset

This Avegant Glyph has been designed as a personal, portable and wearable cinema but this device looks quite similar to your ordinary headphone but not to mention it has better functionality. Before you buy this one you should be clear that it’s not a Virtual Reality (VR) and will not fill the entire field of view. It is rather meant to imitate a very large TV which is at least about six feet away.

Avegant Glyph has a very innovative display technology as rather than having two small panels directly in front of your eyes but this gadget comprises of DLP projectors. It’s an imperative part of Avegant Glyph and it has a 720 p projector display and as it has enhancement of the image also it lacks pixelation its users can hardly figure it out the difference.

  1. Fat Shark Teleporter V5 FPV 5.8 Video goggles.

Fat shark is famous for its impeccable producing high quality and reliable products. This is the fifth version of the Teleporter series and it bestows you with best and all-round experience of FPV systems and that too under this price range. These headsets are not that heavy in weight but neither they are too lightweight so you will find it just right to handle. It has a thick head strap which ensures that the device stays as it is put and help you fly your Quadcopter. The buttons on this device are at the dead centre and can be raised in order to make it easy for you.

  1. Eachine EV800 5Inches 800×480 FPV Headset

The Eachine EV800 Goggles is one the most budget-friendly FPV drone headset and the best advantage of this product is that it can be used both the ways be it as a pair of FPV goggles or even as a stand-alone FPV display monitor. It is really advantageous for those who are still in their learning phase by practising and flying the drone and at the same time glancing at the free-standing FPV monitor. You get a highly adjustable head strap and has a top Velcro strap along with two side compression straps so that fit it comfortably.

  1. Craze pony Eachine FPV Headset.

Well Eachine VR-008 Crazepony googles top the list in terms of being economical but as they are pocket-friendly you can still enjoy same wonderful FPV flights. These goggles are lightweight and small specially designed for not hurting your pocket much. You will receive a package which includes a lens cloth for crystal clear image.

You can order any of these wonderful headsets at great discounts and offers by just looking for some banggood coupons online. You also get a mini-USB cable that can be used to charge up the Lipo batteries (2×800 mAh 2s). You will get the antenna which is detached but you can easily screw onto to the top of your device.


We have unravelled all the best options of FPV headset for you to rely on them for an immersive droning experience. You can buy them confidently if it’s your first FPV goggles or even if you want something better than your current one. The aforementioned options will never disappoint you and you can pick any of these which best suits your demands.

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