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Top Skydiving Places All Over the World

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One of the most adventurous things you can do in life is skydiving. The adrenaline rush from jumping from a flying plane so high in the sky, and then that feeling of flying is so grand that you should definitely try it at least once.

My personal experience

Skydiving has been on my bucket list for quite some time and to be honest I was just being a chicken and putting it off. But then one day, looking at one of my friend’s picture of their skydiving adventure, I looked up affordable tickets to places I could go from London for my adventure. In the end, I booked reasonable airlines tickets to Thailand from London and had an amazing adventure that gave me confidence for many more to come.

Pattaya, Thailand

This is where I went for my first skydiving so I can assure you that it’s pretty great. Generally, Thailand is perfect for a holiday. The great food, shops, historic places and even relaxing massage, it has all. And of course, you can also go for one of the most beautiful skydiving experiences here. The skydiving centers are very professional and the best part is the prices are very affordable. Besides, who wouldn’t want to skydive above beautiful turquoise water with overall beautiful scenery coming ever closer?

Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

It is one of the most beautiful places in Dubai to look at from great height. Just avoid the warmer months because blazing heat is never a good idea and also check the weather forecast for any sandstorms. Dubai is such a fun city for a visit, especially for shopping. With its diverse lifestyle and tourist-friendly packages, be sure not to miss out on skydiving here.

Ephesus, Turkey

In recent times, Turkey has gained quite a lot of popularity as a great place for a holiday. Either you travel with family or solo, Turkey is great for both. If you decide to visit Turkey, try to visit the smaller cities to experience the local culture and traditions better. A really beautiful smaller city is Ephesus which used to be an ancient Greek city once but is now under Turkey’s government. Skydiving here is not only recommended by the tourists who tried it but by the locals as well. The view is great and the prices are really affordable. In fact, you can even score a discount if you’re lucky.

Paris, France

Famous as a dream destination, France is the preferred holiday country for most people, regardless of their age. Even though France is known for its delicious food and beautiful architecture but that’s not all this country has to offer. Extreme and adventure sports are quite underrated in France but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it. Paris is beautiful yes, but it’s even more beautiful from up above! So why not be one of the first few to give skydiving in Paris a shot?

Oahu, Hawaii

The deep blue water and the beach party scene in Hawaii are amazing. And Oahu, also known as “The Gathering Place” is the third largest island in Hawaii and it is absolutely gorgeous. But I guess going for skydiving in Hawaii is kind of unheard of. However, don’t let that stop you as it is one of the best destinations for skydiving in the world. If you’re someone who generally loves the tropical feel of Hawaii then add skydiving in your list for when you go there. You even get bragging rights for skydiving in a unique place!

Namib Desert, Namibia

This desert is very fascinating. There’s a blazing blue sea connected to the sandy sepia desert! You can imagine how the two completely opposites joined together would look from a height. Besides, skydiving in a tropical or cold environment is one thing but skydiving in a desert area is a whole another experience. For anyone interested in Tandem skydiving, which means you’ll be attached with a harness to an instructor, this is the perfect destination for you. The mystic beauty of this desert will surely stay with you for a lifetime.

Mount Everest, Nepal

Quick question: what place is dream skydiving destination or adventure lovers? Mount Everest. One cannot resist skydiving here. The snow-covered mountains surrounding you as you fall through the sky, taking in the refreshing mountain air, is worth every dime you spend. In fact, you won’t be spending all that much as it is one of the more affordable skydiving opportunities available that you just won’t be able to resist.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

When you hear about this fun city, you probably think of the awesome and colorful carnival that everyone should take part in at least once in their lifetime. On its own, Brazil is a beautiful country with lots of interesting things to offer. But apart from the lively carnival, you can also enjoy skydiving here. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned skydiver, I highly suggest that you go for the Rio skydiving jump for an awesome experience.

Grand Canyon, USA

Generally, Grand Canyon is famous for being a great spot for hiking or just casual walks. However, skydiving here is equally as grand (pun intended). This one is quite different from other places for skydiving in the USA. I’ve heard people say that skydiving here made them feel very energetic and elated and they praised the panoramic view of the Grand Canyon. The best part is that the instructor team here are so talented and nice that you have nothing to worry about even if it is your first-time skydiving.

Denarau Island, Fiji

Fiji Island is quite the romantic getaway and is very popular as a honeymoon destination. But the Denarau Island in Fiji also attracts the adventure junkies due to amazing skydiving opportunities available here. There aren’t many places that offer island skydiving but trust me it is one of a kind experience. And if you are visiting there with your other half, then why not go on a fun adventure making your delightful romantic holiday even more memorable.

Den Freien Fall, Germany

Germany is another one of the lesser known destinations when it comes to adventure experiences. It is connected to many well-known destinations making it easy to travel around when visiting here. But Germany itself has so much to offer, like fun festivals, adventure sports, and other interesting activities. Den Freien Fall is one of the most spectacular places you go for skydiving in Germany. The lovely terrain below and the great blue sky makes it for an unforgettable experience.

Interlaken, Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its luxury ski resorts and extremely scenic views. Interlaken is no different when it comes to being beautiful. It is a charming resort town in the mountainous region of Bernese Oberland in central Switzerland. Built on a narrow valley with emerald colored lakes on both sides, it not only offers a wonderful opportunity for a memorable holiday but you can also go for skydiving here. From really high you can see the spectacular panoramic view of snow-covered mountain peaks, beautiful crystal lakes and the overall natural beauty Switzerland is known for. Your skydiving experience here is bound to stay with you for a long time.

Quebec, Canada

Canada is a great place for many people, be it for tourism or for work purposes, the possibilities are endless. If you would like to explore a great diverse culture and enjoy adventure sports in the same place then this is the destination for you. And in Canada, Quebec is great for skydiving. Whether you want to do it solo like a pro or try it with an instructor’s assistance, this country offers all. Trust me, even if you opt out of skydiving, Canada will still make you fall in love with its kind people and interesting culture.

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