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Tourist Attractions in Sri Lanka

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Are you looking to relax or want to let go of all anxieties? Well, then plan a trip to Sri Lanka, it can be your ultimate healer. Sri Lanka offers many places such as pristine beaches, mosaic landscape & picturesque topography. So back your virtual bag & let’s run through the best tourist places in Sri Lanka. Here in this post, we will discuss the Tourist attractions in Sri Lanka so read this till the end.

Best time to visit Sri Lanka

When it comes to weather conditions, Sri Lanka doesn’t experience the extremes. The best time to visit Sri Lanka depends upon the place or region you are looking to attend. December to March is the perfect time for visiting most of the area such as Highlands, West Coast, & South Coast but May to September is an ideal time for visiting the Eastern Coasts.

Places To Visit In Sri Lanka

There is a large number of sites in Sri Lanka which offers comparatively better experiences in Sri Lanka out of all some of them is given below:

  • The Dambulla Cave Temple

It is the largest temple in Sri Lanka and also the most popular place in Sri Lanka. Every year a large number of tourist visit this place. The statues & paintings of this temple date back to 12th Century AD. It contains five rooms of various sizes, but the come thing common in all these rooms are Buddha in a different position looking calm & peaceful. This temple is situated on the black rocky mountain which behaves like a nice contrast with the white walls of the temple. If you are planning to visit Dambulla cave temple, then don’t forget to view it from the top. This temple can be easily accessed from both places such as Colombo &  Kandy.

  • Yala National Park

It is one of the top rated and most visited places in Sri Lanka and also attracts the high concentration of tourist. If you are wildlife lovers and don’t visit this national park, then it may bring regret to you. It habitat large number of wildlife and birds, you are bound to run into a group of elephant bathing in the stream, tossing their trunks widely or leopards nestling lazily on the tree branches. You can also opt for the safari drives or a natural trail among the green foliage of the forest. Most of the people camp at Yala national park and enjoy the barbeque under the stars. This place is also right for those whole loves wildlife photography. Reaching to Yala national park is very simple to drive down towards the park form Colombo, and you can also take a bus to Tissamahaama.

  • Arugam Bay

This country has a coastline of more than 1600 km & is ideally suited for the windsurfing, speed boating, & other water sport. This place has azure skies & slanting coconut trees. If you’re looking to stuff in the turquoise waters than Arugam Bay can be the best option. It is one of the ideal places if you wish to sip coconut water, take in the scent of jasmine & allow the southern.

Besides the Arugam bay, some other beaches among the best place to visit in Sri Lanka are Unawatuna in the south & Tanggal; both are approximately 195 km south of Colombo.

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