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Guide on Training and Development

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Training and development

Human resources refer to all the employees, the workforce of a company, The workforce makes up the baked bone of the company and it is mandatory that the company should be made highly skilled as well as professional individuals who know what and how the company exactly works. Training and development is the field which is concerned with the betterment of individuals and groups in an organization setting. It is a combined role often called Human Resources Development, meaning the development of “Human resources to remain competitive in the marketplace. Training focuses on doing activities to develop employees for their jobs and development is preparing employees for future roles and responsibilities. It is a process of transferring information and knowledge to employers. It should be considered along with educational policies and systems which are crucial to the development of HR. In order to ensure that our employees are equipped with the right kind of skills, knowledge, and abilities to perform their assigned tasks, training and development play its crucial role towards the growth and success of the organization. By getting the right type of training, one should ensure that the employees possess the right skills for the company.

Training and development are essential in any organization that aims at processing the well-being of the company as well as the employees. The purpose of training is to acquire the knowledge of employees need to perform their jobs. The further and foremost step in the training process is the analysis of training needs. This can be done at the organizational, group, and individual levels. To generate the objective analysis, an information base is required of the jobs, skills, knowledge, and attitudes employees need to perform their duties. Training needs may be analyzed by the following assessment methods: Observation, Study of the job description, Performance appraisals and Self-assessment. Training and development so important because it helps in addressing employees weaknesses, improve their work performance, ensures work satisfaction, increased in productivity, improves quality of services and products, reduces cost. Training, like any other organizational endeavor, requires time, energy, and money. Therefore, the corporate needs to know whether their investment in training is being spent effectively and if it is worth the effort. And thus the evaluation of the training is a must. There are types of training and development will depend on the personal and organizational objectives identified through the strategic planning process.

Identifying the needs of training and development should be discussed as a part of the performance review and planning process. Internal training and development sessions should be conducted for the staff on all campus sites to meet identifies needs for the specific department or section or groups. If possible, external training and development can be conducted, depending upon the nature of the course and area where training is needed.

In conclusion, many companies other than multi-nationals are not meeting the employee’s demands with reference to training and development and ultimately the gaps found in the required skills have become so wide that inter-relationship of training and development. Therefore, training and development cannot be eliminated from the day-to-day business activities of the company; this is the area that clearly develops a positive relationship between training activities and organizational performance. People Venture is one of the leading HR Consultant and Recruitment Firm. They provide such training and development workshops, executive coaching and soft skills, & many other services.

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