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What are the different Joint Replacement Surgeries?

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You may have experienced pain in hips, knees, elbow and any other body part. It may be possible that your pain requires surgical intervention. The surgeons use different orthopedic implants to perform surgery for a Surgical Treatment option for Hip, Knee or Other joint pain if warranted.

Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Before undergoing total hip replacement surgery, there are other options for the treatment to consider. However, hip surgery may be recommended because of extensive damage caused by a fracture, arthritis, or many other conditions.

If medication does not work and changes your daily routine activities, you should consult your doctor about whether a hip replacement surgery is right for you. Hip replacement surgery is a safe and successful surgery that is performed routinely by experienced surgeons using orthopedic instruments.

Total Knee Joint Replacement Surgery

A total knee replacement may be required because of arthritis or injury. Patients typically consider knee replacement surgery when daily routine activities, like taking the stairs or even sitting, become more difficult or painful.

If medications are no longer effectively managing your pain, speak to your doctor about substitutes like a total knee replacement. Knees are the largest joints in the body. When deciding on surgery, consider that healthy knees are important to perform most everyday activities.

The three main reasons patients undergo knee joint surgery are Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, and post-traumatic Arthritis. Knee surgery is also known as knee arthroscopy; however, the most accurate and proper term would be called “resurfacing”, because, only the bone surface is replaced. This surgery is a procedure to relieve pain, help you resume normal activities, and correct leg deformity.

Total Elbow Replacement Surgery 

Elbow replacement surgery is just as successful as hip or knee surgery and helps with relieving joint pain. Most patients that have surgery on their elbow joints experience a better quality of life. They experience less pain, increased function, and strength as well as improved motor skills. The surgeons use orthopedic tools in the surgical procedure.

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When your doctor performs a total elbow replacement surgery, the damaged parts of the ulna and humerus are replaced with an artificial hinge made of metal and plastic with two metal stems. The stems of the artificial “elbow” are made and formed to fit inside the hollow portion of the bone, called the canal. Like all joint replacements, elbow replacements can be either full or partial, which your physician will discuss with you, so you can make the decision that is best for you.

Shoulder Joint Replacement Surgery

Like all joint replacement surgeries, the damaged areas of your shoulders are removed and replaced with artificial parts that are called prosthesis. Talk to your doctor about whether joint replacement of the shoulder is right for you. Consider the following questions:

  • Are you having serious shoulder pain?
  • Does your pain interfere with your daily routine activities?
  • Do you have severe or moderate pain while you are resting?
  • Have you experienced any loss of movement?
  • Have you felt weakness in your shoulder?
  • Have injections, anti-inflammatory medications or physical therapy stopped working for you?

If you have answered “yes” to most of the above questions, talk to your doctor about proceeding with surgery to increase motion and decrease inflammation and pain of your shoulder. is one of the top company for orthopedic implants importer in Peru.

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