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When to Call the Service Person for Water Purifier Repair At Home?

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As it comes to taking decisions for our families, we should always consider making informed decisions. Buying a water purifier is quite the same as we cannot take our family’s health for granted. Buying the right water purifier for our home, therefore, takes several things into consideration before making the final call.

Water quality, the presence of TDS or Total Dissolved Solids in the tap water, germs and bacteria that can cause water borne diseases etc are only to name a few in this context. However, who wants the family to fall ill for all these reasons? Hence investing in a good RO+UV water purifier has become a must.

However, continuous and long term usage of water purifiers can be the reason for wary filters and mesh membranes inside the purifier. Although that happens in a long gap as water purifiers made by the commercial brands these days require very less maintenance and repair. But as it is related to our health and the purity of drinking water, we should know when it is the exact time to call the service person at home.  

Read the signs your filter is giving for replacement

As suggested, water purifier repairing should be done once in every three to six months. However, depending on the quality of the water and the TDS in it, one can call for a servicing before that if water flow has slowed down or the taste and color has been affected.

Water filters mesh membranes and carbon filters need to be replaced regularly to function properly. Filters that are locking inn sediments and debris become clogged with these substances after months of use. Being careful about replacing the filter- component, hence would keep the house water purifier operating system at optimal performance.

The visual indication, located on top of filters with transparent containers, will let you know when the filter is dirty, full with sediments, and need a change. However, do not buy every purification kit available in the market. Go for the one available by the manufacturer you have brought your water purifier from. They will provide you the exact filter kit for your water purifier model.  While installing, check the manufacturer’s water usage guidelines to make sure you are not making the kit working all wrong.

Change Sediment filters, Carbon filters and RO membranes

Water purifiers installed in houses and offices, basically, those used for residential purposes, are full with consumable components like sediment filters, carbon filters, mesh membranes, UV lamps, and disinfection kits. These needs to be changed periodically based on their specified life, quality of water & usage.


Often not mentioned as a reason to change the water purifier components, but leakages in the water filter can be the reason why you should give a call to the water filter servicing person. Schedule maintenance checkups and make sure the technician has checked all the necessary measures to stop the leakage.

Follow these safety measures to avoid drinking contaminated water. No matter how branded your water filter is, time to time maintenance and changes in the filtering kit can significantly increase the performance of your water filter.   

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